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  1. props to Ivan and Barry, Very helpful. They found that the front section was slightly off line, took it off and reworked it. It now clears the transfercase correctly.
  2. removed the description because i dont want to mislead people into thinking im bagging out Ivans product (it must have sounded misleading for you to make that comment). Its good quality and well made, I spend time under my car because i try to get things done, as i said, id rather not waste Ivans time if i can help it. It simply looks like i need some modification to my carback, or i need a different one. Also, i made a slight bend in the cross bar which now does not foul with the front pipe, its still touching the transfer but ill see how that goes and drop into Ivan, see what he thinks
  3. isnt that what this thread is for? asking about problems? I want to know if theres anything else i can do before i go to him and take up his own time. No need for u to be a smart ass
  4. anyone else got any bright ideas before i have to make a 45min drive with a fouling exhaust to ivan? I can only imagine that i need a different catback cause mine is prob junk
  5. Well i adjusted it last weekend, but still studdering noises at take off and rattles often. The main front pipe still touches the transfercase. Im gonna take it all off up to the V-band tonight and see if i can rotate it to fit properly and examine again. But i noticed i now have a nice dint in my catback because the test pipe+front pipe changed the direction of the catback to make it closer to the driveshaft. The driveshaft, under load, wobbles a tiny bit, enough to tap the catback and leave a nice dint. Mostly my fault for not checking properly, at least the dint is only in the hotdog, so no effect to exhaust really. Ill see how i go.
  6. Ur a champ. Ill have a look first when driving again. As i said i didnt notice any rub marks. I tried rotating the 3nd pipe (after the v-band joint) but it wont budge much since its on the hangers. Ill let u know how i go man
  7. my front pipe section touches the transfercase. Anyone else have this? Dont think it makes any noise (drove about 50kms and cant see any rub marks on it at all). Mine doesnt touch the cross braces at all. Engine movement should mean that the transfer shouldnt tap against the front pipe, but just asking. Other than that, i can definitely feel the pick up in spool and top end.