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  1. Is there any videos of how to change the wastegate springs on these actuators? I tried YouTube but found nothing.
  2. Hi Ivan, So if i have a Turboxs catback. would that bolt straight onto your cat if i purchased everything from u???
  3. Ok cheers, thats what i realli needed to know if i had to remove any other major parts to get this on eg radiator, sheilds, etc. It sounds pretty simple. Also forgot to ask, does this dump bolt onto the original cat without any mods?? So can i assume that it will all line up with a turbo xs catback system?? sorry for the noob Q's.
  4. Hi Ivan, Are these pipes easy to install??? do i have to remove anything major to get the dump in??? Or is it just a simple remove stock dump and bolt straight on?? Cheers
  5. Hi Ivan, wats the ETA on these babies to suit e9? if it soon, i might shoot u and PM. cheers Jimmy
  6. sorry for noob q. But going by the pics on page 1. Is the twin pipe a 2 piece just b4 the flex pipe??? so it will not cause any head aches when it is time to change the clutch?
  7. sorry for the Noob Q's can these fuel pumps handle 400hp applications? and whats the flow rate? cheers Jimmy