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  1. Hi Chris, it says I've used 171% of my mailbox storage? How is this even possible? Don't want to delete them all as there's a bunch to go through and perhaps save,  if this is some kind of software database glitch are you able to help please? 

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    2. EvocentriK


      Thanks, much appreciated


    3. weightless7


      so their fix was to upgrade, I have been wary of doing so as some themes break when upgraded to this version. Fortunatley our carbon theme is aok.

      Please check and see if the issue with your mailbox is remedied.

      Also, for others, please note The search index is currently processing. Activity stream results may not be complete.

      Somethings are still running against in the database, please let me know if you strike any issues.


    4. weightless7


      Hi, so should all be good, something was up with the groups, should be all fixed now...

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