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  1. Hi Chris, it says I've used 171% of my mailbox storage? How is this even possible? Don't want to delete them all as there's a bunch to go through and perhaps save,  if this is some kind of software database glitch are you able to help please? 

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    2. EvocentriK


      Hi mate, nope not fixed, says my message cap is 1000 and I have 1713 messages (171% of storage). I've got to do a clean up, but it should be impossible to get to 171% of my storage?

    3. weightless7


      So it was to do with (what our forums software provider said) was a group change, from one where you had a lot more allowance than your current group. Your current group allowance they made unlimited. So not sure why it still says that percent, it’s tied into forums upgrades, recent or in the near past,  but your members group is unlimited for sure...

    4. EvocentriK


      Nope, cannot send messages as I get the "Your inbox is full. You must delete some messages before you can send any more" message when I click on the message icon. Nevermind, thanks for trying. 

  2. ^^ true... no worries Stevan, that's the same Denso from TMS that I have in my Evo currently, as the sensors don't last forever.... you can test them to see if they are still ok, I posted that up in the Uber oxygen sensor topic in Tech... but mine failed after 12-13yrs and after full 100,000km service dealio, LTFT was knackered as a result....
  3. There’s a cheap Mitsubishi four wire sensor with plug for $40 posted on eBay. But the lead may be too short, tail plug looks different dunno... you can just solder the new leads using cut off original plug, or use a good Narva four plug connector, weatherproof type instead to join the wires near the plug end... Narva: https://rover.ebay.com.au/rover/0/0/99?loc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fp%2F1238922007%3Fiid%3D152462006293 ebay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/O2-Oxygen-Sensor-for-Mitsubishi-Galant-Lancer-HJ-EVO-VII-CH-Pre-Cat-or-Post-cat/282195861695?hash=item41b42f20bf:g:tysAAOSwubRXLEoB
  4. I agree, it’s easy, just email TokyoMotorSports for one, they were doing online sales and post out...
  5. bump for all thanks... avoid a raw link only, its doesn't help you sell! pics and details help
  6. Ok Luke so the rules we have in classifieds are please PM people chasing wanted items. If you have gear to put up publicly that you are mentioning for sale in topic replies, you need to put up a for sale ad. As you mentioning "thinking of selling" and unpriced on this forum, I have set you up an EOI topic. Once priced, this can move into for sales and you can link wanted replies you add to topics to your sale post. Please read the pinned topics as this is all explained in them. If you want help please or clarification ask the mods or admins in forum admin section or via PM.
  7. I like those style of boot liners, looking at one for my daily...