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  1. Hi Chris, it says I've used 171% of my mailbox storage? How is this even possible? Don't want to delete them all as there's a bunch to go through and perhaps save,  if this is some kind of software database glitch are you able to help please? 

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    2. EvocentriK


      Hi mate, nope not fixed, says my message cap is 1000 and I have 1713 messages (171% of storage). I've got to do a clean up, but it should be impossible to get to 171% of my storage?

    3. weightless7


      So it was to do with (what our forums software provider said) was a group change, from one where you had a lot more allowance than your current group. Your current group allowance they made unlimited. So not sure why it still says that percent, it’s tied into forums upgrades, recent or in the near past,  but your members group is unlimited for sure...

    4. EvocentriK


      Nope, cannot send messages as I get the "Your inbox is full. You must delete some messages before you can send any more" message when I click on the message icon. Nevermind, thanks for trying. 

  2. + A few sets of gloves doesn’t go astray also, some rubberised ones, some nitro style grease resistant and fuel resistant ones help if you have to get things grimy like messing with wheels or lies and good if there is an accident etc, I have them in the diesel Audi as the pump handles are covered in diesel and you don’t want to then put that on the steering wheel... if I fill Jerry cans the gloves help to keep the petrol off the hands.. safety vest too, afew old towels and garbags help too...
  3. Oh yes, please do, only keen on new or very near new - no Jimmy spares type ones
  4. I was hoping you had a new CT9A black steering wheel in there - airbagless... GLWS
  5. Enjoying the new Forum Software

  6. Welcome to Sam. I will be reordering the Platinum forums in tomorrow AM, but please feel free to start new topics in your forum right now. All the best on behalf of the all the Admins and Moderators.
  7. weightless7

    November/December Deal – Get the 4th Tyre Free

    mmm tasty RE003's! https://www.bridgestonetyres.com.au/potenza-adrenalin-re003
  8. It's good value I was thinking when I saw the price, knowing what a shop would charge for just a simple rebuild with OEM, GB only. I would absolutely love to have buy a six speed and get this done so I have a spare for my MR, I'm glad it's always been run with a single organic clutch after stock replacement, it's a good idea to be able to replace a buggered clutch than GB any day. Thing is I just don't have that coin spare presently, but if I did I'd get one, even to put on the rack in my garage, wrapped up and pallleted, it would be darn easy to sell later on anyway if I never use it.. Insurance and parts investment... No rebuild time for anyone fitting it, courier it to anyone and fit it straight in, much less hassle. Then someone could sell their secondhand for reconditioning or get it rebuilt and it is good to have soared around in the market so to speak, they are always in demand.
  9. weightless7

    E85 Fuel Additive by Amosil.

    how often do you need to use it - one tank per month or more?
  10. yep a notch up for sure...
  11. I like my RE003's.... pity they cost so much!
  12. Enjoying these on my Evo... good in the wet today after a long dry spell
  13. Isn't there a sale on for them now? Get the 4th tyre FREE. Right now when you buy 3 Bridgestone Ecopia passenger or SUV tyres, you’ll get the 4th one free. I wish that was on a month back when I put a set of Ecopia's on my wife's Falcon!