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  1. hey ivan... do u remember what pressure plate i got. also which flywheel. just wondering what to do when i swap my engine :D
  2. Nope not 2 is correct. But it was more so the comment about getting 350 with little lag...just not going to happen unless you go bigger capacity. Anyway I have already said I am actually impressed with this turbo Mark. I am prey sure I said the same regarding the 76. yes I have had issues with your advertising but that was ages ago and long forgotten. My favorite turbo on the 8 Mr has been the bbk lite. even my current ef3 is to big imho and about 80% of the time does not bring a smile to the dial, but on a 2.4 with mivec I am hoping it will be fun. Unfortunately the lite will just touch 300......unless maybe the bb bbk b get to 350..but considering it's bb it's more expensive And fanboys will always be the same!!!!!!!!!!! Ef2 well not get to 350....it's 300 to low 300. It's rated to 450 HP...in dynojet mode...
  3. this would be closer to map EF4 (or inbetween the EF3 and EF4) big difference in power and hence response. on a 2L depends on what u want... something to come earlier or late but make more power. great results Michael, I am sure mark will be happy with this impressive result, not that i am sure he wasnt expecting it.
  4. there was another dyno, in melb.... similar... some of the old ppl (and a certain red evo8) might remember him.
  5. i presume 269 was with stock e9 turbo and 98??? the IC wont make much difference for the e9 turbo (but will benefit the bigger hta turbo) anyway great result mate
  6. only 325??? how much was it making before the turbo upgrade...
  7. he wants spool mate... adrian the 9rs that mark has for sale... might be the best option... or the 18g with the Ti wheel that mark had before. obviously there might be other options out there.... but seeing this is mark's thread i wont say.
  8. awesome prices as usual ivan... and anyone who has dealt with ivan knows his customer service is the best
  9. ^^lol he must be running a 3L supra engine in his beast then
  10. ^^ i presume u mean no lag as long as u can keep it over 5000rpm???
  11. ^^def agree.... i have bought from ivan many times and always his customer service is faultless
  12. ^^ no i am not sharp... but i belong to a sharp network.... we are everywhere, be afraid very unafraid