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  1. Evolution 7 2001 $9500 Putting my Evo 7 up for sale. The car is currently NOT running and will require a motor strip/flush due to motor contamination. I understand it may not be everyone's project as it will need to be towed away but contains may quality parts and represents a good opportunity for someone who is handy. Run down on specs are below. All traveled less then 3000km since being built. I may have missed things but oh well. I can be contacted on 0412 474 161 Build thread although photo bucket has raped the pictures Engine 2L Carrillo super A beam 150mm CP high comp piston 10.1 OEM 88mm crank, metalax treated Race balance shaft delete kit Tomei 260 cams, Tomei adjustable cam gears GSC Springs and retainers, oem valves ARP main studs, 625+ head studs (can run large boost) All new timing kit, oil pump etc ID2000s, DW 300 fuel pump rewired Moreso enlarged gated and baffled sump with scapper M and W cop kit Exhaust tech custom made dump, 3 inch front pipe, ividia 3inch cat back, burnt Ti look tip Plazmaman cooler Samco joiners and intake hose AT fabrication catch can, speedflow fittings braided lines AT fab large oil cooler (PWR) speedflow fittings and braided lines, oem ducting replaced with custom made ali ducting Carbing 3 point allow brace with BMC support, have 2 point matching rear unopened from Jp GT pumps 712 turbo, have a 7 turbo as replacement Mishimoto ali radiator Gearbox/ Diffs 5 speed with ppg output tube Standard AYC diffs Body Evo 9 rear bar Ralliart mirrors, wiring was cut and i picked them up cheap, have oem mirror as the ralliarts are tiny and some people dont like the look Interior Coltspeed triple mount with AEM oil pressure, oil temp and boost, wide band in an ash tray mount Ralliart 300kmphr cluster, have oem. Unless im really happy with price i would keep this as its about 1000 plus on second hand market and i fucking love it other wise all oem, recaros in good condition no rips or tears suspension BC coilovers Front 3xe underbrace Rear cusco sway bar Ralliart diff bushes Superpro castor bushes Wheels OEM 7 wheels RS3 hankook, 1 track day Brakes Girodisk 2 piece fronts, oem brembo, elig rs709s Rear slotted, oem brembos and ebc reds
  2. Isn't the 73hta a little larger then a 712? I recognize the specs of that car good pick up mate.
  3. What size pod fits under this? any results showing improvements over stock?
  4. gotta love steves dyno for making some good numbers, its all in how it drives! Is this the yellow evo there with the bbs wheels? if so your car is porn!