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  1. Find me someone that hasn't been blown away by his service Damn shame Ivan won't be making these again, have seen the quality and fitment in person - phenomenal
  2. Road Track Rally built a 2.2L 712, checkout their Facebook page
  3. What experience are you after Roger? There's a bit of feedback in the thread already Non Mivec 2.0L will see 24-26psi @ ~4K (Mivec will claw back 200-300rpm). Most cars seem to make 300aw+ E85 Benny has a lot of cars running this package (712 & E85), lots of results on his Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=351882751574778
  4. Good read. Thanks for posting What are the costs involved here (assuming everything checks out OK so it's a re-shuffle and reassemble)?
  5. ^ anybody that thinks so has not back to back tested a stock panel filter against a decent pod
  6. ^ Actuator is dependent on what boost you intend on running If you're aiming for 25psi the 20 or 22psi is a good option (let your boost controller handle the extra ~5psi). As always consult your tuner first
  7. Flow rates for anyone interested. Hopefully Mark can add 762 & 822 to the list? Stock 9.............. 44 lb./min. BBK Lite .............. 47 lb./min. FP Green (Gen 1)... 47 lb./min. Tomei ARMS ......... 48 lb./min. BBK Full................ 51 lb./min. HKS 7460 ................ 51 lb./min. GT Pumps 712 ............54 lb./min. FP 73HTA Green.... 54 lb./min. FP HTA 3076......... 57 lb./min. BB-X....................... 57 lb./min BBK-B.................. 57 lb./min. FP Red ................. 60 lb./min. GT35R .................. 65 lb./min. FP 82HTA Black...... 68 lb./min. GT37R.................... 75 lb./min FP 3582 HTA............. 75 lb./min FP 3586 HTA............. >75 lb./min
  8. What pump Mick? I'm also outta fuel, 416 Walbro on stock wiring. Very lean >6K, IDC @ 110 :s
  9. Yep 3rd gear. Thanks Mark Still waiting for graphs. Have only cleaned up AFR's so far, no timing or changes to setting in EVC so we may be able to salvage some response. Mid and top end is strong, just feels a tad doughy down low... May have to get others to drive for some opinions
  10. Hi Mark Can you confirm when the 712 should be seeing 26psi (you recommend 26-32psi) on a non-Mivec motor? I'm seeing 20psi by 3800, 24psi a touch before 4K. Seem about right? For comparison sake on the exact same set up I was making 24psi by 3200 with a 9RS turbo. I can post both graphs later if you need. Figured I would post up here (rather than PM) so guys know what to expect
  11. Yes. You just need Evo 9 fitting kit as the coolant lines and compressor outlet pipe differ Thats a ~350aw turbo tho, block prob wont last too long
  12. LOL, we should really change his member name to stop confusing people :P Would you be ok with VRSEvo?
  13. What sort of power is expected from the 712 with usual bolt ons Mark? What boost do you suggest for street & track?
  14. Awesome Brad. What was on there before? Stock dump - front? Its pretty clear; if you have just picked a CP or CT, or your generic off the shelf system doesnt cut the mustard anymore, look no further. You need one of these
  15. EvoOz management are pleased to announce revised For Sale rules; please see link below: http://www.evolutionoz.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=90451#entry1083851 Any questions please feel free to PM a Moderator or Admin
  16. I have a mate with one (the old batch, not this new batch), fitment is good. He was using Ivans intake pipe with a generic filter Ivan > if you need a test mule for fitment give me a buzz and we can take some snaps
  17. Hi Josh Keen as for a set. Does the kit include both drivers and passengers -or- just the drivers seat?? And can I pick up from your Tullamarine distributor or do I order from you?? Cheers, Tim
  18. Hi Josh Another stupid question (you must be getting sick of these lol). You mentioned you have a Tullamarine distributor for pick up > do they actually have these in stock (so I can drive down and pick some up) or do I place an order with you and you send them to Tulla for pick up?? Also, do you have extensions for Evo 9??
  19. Check out Ivans 1st post Luke, you can see how skinny the outlet side of the pipe is > pretty restrictive. Me and a mate fitted a X3E LICP to his 8 and the throttle response is noticeable (without a tune too)
  20. Hi Mark Do you sell just the 9 outlets? PM me if you like Cheers