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  1. George, exactly what is your problem? Or would it be a much quicker response to ask whats right with you? There is enough dickheads in the world, why not try to be different?
  2. Hi Admins, If no further comments by myself aster today on this thread you can assume this car is sold. A little bit of an appreciation post to everyone on here and those who created this site. 8 years of enjoying reading about these cars, everyone's journey's and gaining a wealth of knowledge, cheers to everyone who shared their stories it has been fantastic to be able to share the experience of owning an Evo with you. If you guys don't mind I will stay on the forum and keep up to date with what everyone is doing. All the best to everyone, who knows what the future might bring. I might one day be back behind the wheel of one of these awesome cars, and if anyone reading this has not driven one or owned one yet, you bloody well have not lived!!
  3. Price Drop! 31K neat Last throw of the dice for this coming week with the sale of this car otherwise I will keep it. Cheers guys!
  4. Update! Two more people down in the hunt, with approved finance for the weekend inspection number 2 falling through (and why am I not surprised!) Back up for grabs, who wants a bloody immaculate car?
  5. On a side note, Kudos to all those email scammers out there. Creativity at its finest. So far I have heard from a sailor, an oil plant technician, a long haul flight attendant, a covert operations military agent and an ambulance officer who works in an area where phone reception does not exist. All requesting email contact, all stating to purchase the car for their children as a surprise and all stating that they would pay above asking price just to secure the deal. Its amazing how many versions of this there have been in only the time I have had this for sale, probably a general thread topic but FYI for any other sellers out there that these are the stories that are doing the rounds at present! Cheers!
  6. Results of the weekends inspections for all interested. One person marinating on their offer given this is the final asking price. Another person providing a 28K offer, and provided with a response you would expect. Cheers everyone!
  7. Ok guys, final price drop. $32 999 Someone's going to get a bloody good deal here, first to see I guarantee will buy, no negotiations on this price.