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  1. Such mod. So excelllent. Wow.

  2. Good stuff Mark, some excellent results being produced by these, great prices and backed by local support too
  3. Despite what looks like slowish spool its still moving a lot of air, the power and torque curves come up nicely <4K even though it doesnt have much boost on board at that time.
  4. If you can afford it there'd be no harm in it Chris, but you could always up-spec for track days. But like Mark said over a certain psi it puts more strain on the turbo's bearings and if you run high boost 24/7 you want it to be protected.
  5. removing the rad take like 5mins, you'd be mad not to given how easy it is to damage and how much extra room it gives you. Also Gareth - you are running a 1.7 bar actuator untuned? You're a brave man.
  6. ID (injector Dynamics) Best For E85 Tunes

    If Ken cant help hit up spoolinup if you want the delete plug but it'll be about a 10 day wait.
  7. So at your best guess are we looking at by the 16th or by the 23rd for completion?
  8. I have ordered one of these too for this batch. Will be inetresting to see the improvement
  9. GTpumps EVO9 HTA turbochargers!

    You're absolutely correct. I circumvented the forum talk and called Mark who was happy to discuss my needs and the turbo's performance. Recommend if anyone's got any questions just pick up the phone. Easiest way to get a straight answer
  10. GTpumps EVO9 HTA turbochargers!

    Just looked again at all the dyno sheets. The only ones showing full boost by 3600-3700 are strokers (Koval, Shane and yourself Mark). The 8 with cams and 9's are showing full boost around 4250-4500, are the runs started super late? Or was that going WOT at 2-2.5K? Any 2L dyno sheets showing full boost at the claimed 'makes full boost by' rpm? What people are saying in their posts aren't matching what the dyno sheet is saying.
  11. GTpumps EVO9 HTA turbochargers!

    3600 is better, the 8 with cams on the first page looked slow to come on but couldnt see boost. How does the 73HTA go with a 10.5 rear housing? Seems it spools later than a BBK lite in current form but if that could be brought forward a couple of hundred rpm it would be on par with one. If I was to ever upgrade I'd rather buy local but when I have no intention of building the engine for 7K+ area under the curve is everything. The 9RS is fantastic but they are super rare and rather pricey. If I was to ever move on from it or if it fails I'd like something that can pull as hard in the midrange and spool as close to that as possible. Anyway, I was just wondering, if there's no intention or market for a smaller version that's fine.
  12. GTpumps EVO9 HTA turbochargers!

    I didnt want to start something over spool. I run a 9RS which is capable of 1.6 bar at ~3100 rpm on a non mivec 2L with stock cams. It wont last forever, and I'd like more options than another 9RS, stock 9, BBK Lite. I dont want full boost at 3800 rpm, its a subjective choice. Seems every man and his 4G wants to make 300wkw these days and there's little in the way of choice for those that want to enhance what the evo was (arguably) designed for which is low/mid range torque.
  13. GTpumps EVO9 HTA turbochargers!

    No I haven't just going of its size and the 2.3L/2.9L with cams graph. When is full boost (say ~1.6 bar) in 3rd on a non mivec 2L stock cams? ~3800rpm?
  14. GTpumps EVO9 HTA turbochargers!

    I'm with Adrian on this, 73HTA's are too big for close to stock response on a 2L, I dont want to spend all my time winding it out to redline to make power. Would love to see you guys do something smaller with an HTA71 or something similar....45-52lbs/min style
  15. Id also like the temp range and friction coefficient for both the Evo 5-9 2021's and the RS709's.
  16. These things are awesome, I was checking them out last time I was over at Ivan's. They're lighter than the stock one by feel (I'd like to know how much they weigh too) and build quality looks/feels great.
  17. EVO9RS turbo

    You're going to have fun with it, I love mine.
  18. EVO9RS turbo

    The 571 is much more resilient than the 570 it replaced. Ralliart said for the 571 1.7 bar max, but they tuned cars running them at 1.6 bar for safety.
  19. Welcome Bendix

    Good to have another manufacturer onboard. Free pads for all evooz members hehe
  20. Hi Mark you could give me a price on EVO9 fitting kit2 plus the full turbo gasket kit?
  21. Good seller. Good communication, items arrived quickly, were as described and packaged to survive a nuclear holocaust. Thanks.

  22. Good seller, good communication and goods arrived promptly and in mint condition. Thanks mate.