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  1. Such mod. So excelllent. Wow.

  2. removing the rad take like 5mins, you'd be mad not to given how easy it is to damage and how much extra room it gives you. Also Gareth - you are running a 1.7 bar actuator untuned? You're a brave man.
  3. If Ken cant help hit up spoolinup if you want the delete plug but it'll be about a 10 day wait.
  4. So at your best guess are we looking at by the 16th or by the 23rd for completion?
  5. I have ordered one of these too for this batch. Will be inetresting to see the improvement
  6. These things are awesome, I was checking them out last time I was over at Ivan's. They're lighter than the stock one by feel (I'd like to know how much they weigh too) and build quality looks/feels great.
  7. Good to have another manufacturer onboard. Free pads for all evooz members hehe
  8. Good seller. Good communication, items arrived quickly, were as described and packaged to survive a nuclear holocaust. Thanks.

  9. Good seller, good communication and goods arrived promptly and in mint condition. Thanks mate.