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  1. Wow man, I too never thought you’d sell but I guess all toys have a certain period in our lives that they suit. Keeping something forever basically never happens. Really well sorted car for someone to just jump into and enjoy. Best of luck with the sport shooting, it’s loads of fun too.
  2. Aha, I thought TMR were getting into these. A few being prepped at the minute.
  3. Awhile back someone in Melbourne had a Ralliart titanium exhaust for sale on the forum and it didn’t sell afaik. Someone in Berwick perhaps? Anyone know who it was?
  4. Hi Chris, it says I've used 171% of my mailbox storage? How is this even possible? Don't want to delete them all as there's a bunch to go through and perhaps save,  if this is some kind of software database glitch are you able to help please? 

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    2. EvocentriK


      Hi mate, nope not fixed, says my message cap is 1000 and I have 1713 messages (171% of storage). I've got to do a clean up, but it should be impossible to get to 171% of my storage?

    3. weightless7


      So it was to do with (what our forums software provider said) was a group change, from one where you had a lot more allowance than your current group. Your current group allowance they made unlimited. So not sure why it still says that percent, it’s tied into forums upgrades, recent or in the near past,  but your members group is unlimited for sure...

    4. EvocentriK


      Nope, cannot send messages as I get the "Your inbox is full. You must delete some messages before you can send any more" message when I click on the message icon. Nevermind, thanks for trying. 

  5. That was me, many moons ago. I sold that one with my car to Gareth. I had the standard bumper on my 8 and the muffler fit perfectly.
  6. Such mod. So excelllent. Wow.

  7. Good stuff Mark, some excellent results being produced by these, great prices and backed by local support too
  8. Despite what looks like slowish spool its still moving a lot of air, the power and torque curves come up nicely <4K even though it doesnt have much boost on board at that time.
  9. If you can afford it there'd be no harm in it Chris, but you could always up-spec for track days. But like Mark said over a certain psi it puts more strain on the turbo's bearings and if you run high boost 24/7 you want it to be protected.
  10. removing the rad take like 5mins, you'd be mad not to given how easy it is to damage and how much extra room it gives you. Also Gareth - you are running a 1.7 bar actuator untuned? You're a brave man.
  11. If Ken cant help hit up spoolinup if you want the delete plug but it'll be about a 10 day wait.
  12. I have ordered one of these too for this batch. Will be inetresting to see the improvement