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  1. Hi John. Can you pm me a price for both. Do you just have to shape the canards to fit the shape of the 6 bumper? Any pics of them? Cheers
  2. Hi John. Can you get any canards for an evo 6? Cheers
  3. Hi Mark. Do you have any of these still. Got defected and need to plumb back my bov amongst other things. Ha Ha Price shipped to capalaba 4157 Cheers Pat
  4. Hi John. Please contact me. 0421 908 744 Cheers Pat
  5. Thanks. I will take them. Will ring ya on wed and pay for them. Cheers Pat
  6. Hi John. Do you have any in stock? How much for 1 set delivered to capalaba 4157. Also what rims were you running in the picture at the top of this post? Cheers
  7. Hi. are these ADR approved? Cheers
  8. Any more stock. Price for evo 6 delivered to capalaba 4157. Cheers