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  1. Hi Josh, I will be in the market for the side skirt extensions + rear bar extensions for E7 in the next few weeks (waiting for tax cheque). I live in Miranda so nice and close to your shop. Are these available for pickup, or are they made as required? Do you stay back past 4:30pm weekdays occasionally, or would it be possible to organize a meet point at around 4:45pm @ Cronulla etc on your way home as I am usually not back in the Shire until about 4:40pm weekdays?
  2. Is this hotside and coldside piping?
  3. Looks really nice and very well priced inc the piping. Quick question though, wouldn't powdercoating the core have an adverse effect on the cooling capability? I know ceramic coating provides an advantage but I thought powdercoating did the opposite.
  4. The wheel size/colour search option does not come up when I go to the site.
  5. PM Sent
  6. Do you have any pricing for discs for the 09 Ralliart (probably only in the 4000 series)?