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  1. Hi Josh, I will be in the market for the side skirt extensions + rear bar extensions for E7 in the next few weeks (waiting for tax cheque). I live in Miranda so nice and close to your shop. Are these available for pickup, or are they made as required? Do you stay back past 4:30pm weekdays occasionally, or would it be possible to organize a meet point at around 4:45pm @ Cronulla etc on your way home as I am usually not back in the Shire until about 4:40pm weekdays?
  2. DAMMIT, so jealous. Will have to see if I can get mine modified to take the heat shield. Especially atm with all the attention, I get worried that the popo are going to ping me for not having one.
  3. How much for the heat shield?
  4. I have one on my 7. It's an awesome piece of kit. Definately worth the upgrade for anyone considering it.
  5. jcm308

    TurboXS EVO X Alloy Intercooler Piping Kit

    Is this hotside and coldside piping?
  6. jcm308

    EVO X Front Mount Intercooler

    Looks really nice and very well priced inc the piping. Quick question though, wouldn't powdercoating the core have an adverse effect on the cooling capability? I know ceramic coating provides an advantage but I thought powdercoating did the opposite.
  7. The wheel size/colour search option does not come up when I go to the site.
  8. jcm308


    PM Sent
  9. Are these available for the sportback aswell or just the sedan at this stage? (I have a sportback if some development is needed )
  10. jcm308

    Tuspeed - DBA disc specials!

    Do you have any pricing for discs for the 09 Ralliart (probably only in the 4000 series)?