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  1. Oh i'll take the gruppe M out haha i didn't mean with it on. Awesome, thanks guys
  2. Hey Ivan, What would be the recommended tool to cut it shorter? A hacksaw? Prefer not to remove the whole thing again lol.
  3. Thought i might add in here, great part! Only issue i had is that it is around 2cm's or so longer than stock. My gruppe M is pulled to the right a little bit although with some tinkering i got it straightened up. thanks Ivan!
  4. Just received mine. super fast postage, great to deal with, even got a freebie Thanks Ivan, very happy!
  5. Also interested in this. I have an Evo 8 MR with the stock turbo, stock cooler. Same price i assume? PM me if you want as i have a few questions (noob questions). Cheers!
  6. Hey Ivan, Do you have any more oil filters in stock for an evo 8 MR?
  7. Hi John, Can you give me a package price and individual prices on FQ400 carbon front lip for Evo 8 MR and a Carbon fibre vortex generator? Thanks mate! Kory