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  1. Well that explains the long absence. Should have gone iiNet/Westnet :D
  2. "getting the right VOLUME of air and fuel into the cylinders in a given amount of time for the best efficiency." Slower velocity would mean less volume of air in a given amount of time. Which would be bad, if there wasn't 1.2~1.5bar of pressure forcing air into a vacumm :P
  3. In relation to having the available volume of air to supply the engine in the first place, its the only reason I could think of why people keep saying that a bigger throttle body = slower throttle response Obviously once the required presure and volume of air is there, then open 'er up!
  4. Normally I don't bother responding to these 'differences of opinion' things but... we are talking about forced induction right? Meaning pressure, meaning larger the gaping hole the more volume of air can pass through it at a given speed due to this given pressure (this is where tuning comes into play). Yes physics certainly is > than marketing but nothing beats mis-information. Air speed is very important when normally aspirated but thats the whole point of turbo/boost to overcome this, getting the right VOLUME of air and fuel into the cylinders in a given amount of time for the best efficiency. Otherwise why not reduce/increase your throttlebody diamater to a more precise/optimum response to volume ratio. Silly me, theres that thing your right pedal is attached to that does this dynamically! Anyhow, sticking a wopping great huge throttlebody won't increase HP until the very high end when using insane amounts of boost BUT if driven right you can certainly increase throttle responce through out your higher rev range. Pretty sure most people realised if you plant your foot to the floor when doing 1.5~2krpm, you're going to cause yourself a whole lot more lag until that turbo spools up. Or maybe those people who don't realise this are whom are noticing a significant decrease in responce. more air + fuel = more 'boom' = faster spinning turbine = more presure = more air...