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  1. Hey Ivan, After some of the 2 piece rotors. Got any in stock?? If so price including delivery to 7172 please.
  2. Hey Anthony. Should hopefully have it fitted with in the next 2 weeks. Will let you know, but i am sure from the reply's in the thread it will fit like a glove.
  3. Hey Ivan, Any idea when you will have these ready as this is the last thing i am waiting on before i get some things installed. Cheers
  4. Hi Ivan, Can you put me down for one of these plus the 100 cell cat to suit an Evo IX pls. Seen the one on Scott's 6.5 a couple of time's now and have just got to get my self one!!! Thanks
  5. Hi John will the perrin stout mounts fit a x/heavy duty whiteline sway bar?? thanks
  6. Recived my pads this morning. Cant wait to put them in and get out on the track!!! Thanks Mark