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  1. Just saw her go a few minutes ago. She was more than a good friend for close to 9 years through thick and thin. Be it when I was having a bad day at work back in the day or when business was still starting out and challenges were met. Cold starts were never a problem and neither was delivering emergency milk, and stocks to variou stores. She had 4 doors which made it possible for me to get my boys from child care, do some runs to the airport to pick up guests with luggages to store in the trunk. Not many people would care about their cars - either because they had no interest with cars or their cars were as exciting as a point A to B transport that the bus seemed no difference. For me, each time I parked her, I would turn back just to take another look , snap a few pics for the day and off I go. I suppose my ‘carpe diem’ starts with a good drive for the day. Each time I shut the ignition off, I would smile - not many cars could do that. And when it came to track days, driving her felt just at home especially when the rain pours cats and dogs. Taking away from this, I think I am blessed for I have had the honour of owning a practical car with performance to boot for a solid 8 plus years. I only lost a few $K when I sold her. The new buyer only looked at her for 15 mins, negotiated a few hundred $ off and we sealed the deal. After all, when it’s a car that gets washed every fortnight by hand, waxed every 2 months, detailed every 6 months (only with the best products), tuned by one of the best tuners and mechanically taken care of by the one and only Zac Edwards of TechSport, how could the condition be anything less than mint? An Evolution VIII MR - last of the last in mint trim. It had the best parts put in by Mitsubishi from Recaro seats to the perfect internals and parts for the engine. A very potent 4 pot banger and lots of practicality. Not even the STI i driven came close… Nope… The last two days were horrific in that I was actually driving her to my trusted workshop to have her unmodded. Took off the personalised plates, took off the exhaust system, boost gauge and so forth but one thing remained - her spirit of competition. RIP - Rev in peace ,GWIRE evo. With tears of ayc… ----- By the way, for those selling an Evo in Victoria, be careful of some fuck heads/time wasters. One was a tosser who brought his brother with a retarded Evo. Had a few drives, pushed the car and then said he put in a Japanese odometer check which never came back after a week. Gave me all sorts of crap saying he wasnt sure about imports hence he would consider AUDM but was still 'stubborn for a JDM'. Tosser. Threw his deposit back at him and a week later, the right buyer came, looked for 15 mins, shook hands after a few hundred dollars off my wanting price. I hope people realise 'you get what you pay for'. Mods, kindly close thread. Thank you