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  1. Hi Paul.

    Please check PM re ABS kit

    1. xsesiv


      Thanks, just saw your PM and sent you a reply. If you could send me your post code I'll organize a freight cost for you.



  2. Are these 17mm or 19mm hex? Do you know how much each nut weighs?
  3. Twin Pipe Dump/Down combination pipe

    I went from a conventional dump to a twin dump however my Motec WB02 is further downstream at the rear end of the front pipe where Motec prefer it. Therefore I block the 02 bung in the dump pipe. Even so I didn't notice any AFR change going from a conventional to a twin dump but I did notice boost was more stable and easier to control.
  4. Twin Pipe Dump/Down combination pipe

    I'm also in Perth and keen for one of these twin pipes. I've been hassling Ivan for a few weeks now and they seem to be not far of being available.