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    Link to our online store below. http://store.gtpumps.com.au
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    The one skill you should practice that will significantly improve your driving. One of the most important driving skills for any driver is to be aware, and it’s scary just how many drivers aren't. Whether you want to be a faster driver or a safer driver, being aware means that you’re better prepared to anticipate what will happen next and ready to tackle it. Being aware when driving involves a few different habits that should be practised all the time. The ingredients to being aware can be summed up with the acronym AGKLM, commonly referred to at driving school as All Good Kids Like Milk, and it goes like this: Aim high when steering. You’re never going to drive fast if you don’t look farther than a few metres in front of the bonnet. It’s important to look ahead and be constantly judging upcoming conditions. As you practise this, you’ll find steering input becomes smoother and braking less hard. This is a skill that will always help too, not just when in traffic or tackling an intense mountain pass. Get the big picture. Create a mental image of where you are in relation to everything around you. Did a sign say the road is about to narrow around the corner and the sun could be in my eyes? Where’s the car I saw in my mirror that could be in my blind spot? Keeping track of other road users and changing conditions in relation to you is an important factor in avoiding accidents and becoming a better driver. Keep moving your eyes. Amazingly, many road users don’t properly correct the mirrors, let alone use them. Make sure you do both and this will feed information into creating a bigger picture of what’s happening around you. Leave an out. Aggressive drivers don’t leave an out so if something does go wrong an accident is almost inevitable - it’s better to leave enough space in front of the car so you can react in time and know what’s around you. This also means when enjoying the capabilities of your car that there’s a margin for error, and that a little understeer or oversteer won’t put you into the opposite lane or a tree. Make yourself visible. Even a road user who is aware might not see you if you sit in their blind spot. Make sure other road users can see you and that you provide proper indication when moving lanes and turning. It’s a pretty simple set of skills that should be taught to all drivers. But even for competent drivers who want to be fast, this most basic skill is the pathway to smoother steering, acceleration, braking, and to being more confident - ingredients to being quick without sacrificing safety. Make yourself visible. Even a road user who is aware might not see you if you sit in their blind spot. Make sure other road users can see you and that you provide proper indication when moving lanes and turning. Have you got a thought on safe driving, or maybe your own tips to share? Let us know in the comments below, or over on our Facebook. LINKS: Bridgestone Australia - www.bridgestonetyres.com.au/ Bridgestone Australia Facebook - www.facebook.com/BridgestoneAU
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    How about a first aid kit. Even if you do not know how to use it a bystander might. And it might be you they need to use it on.
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    Thanks the the info. This temp rating up to 1650 degrees Celsius is impressive. My old High temp brake grease (CRC) is only 600* F.
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    Bendix's latest Ceramasil Brake Lubricant is formulated to provide longer lasting lubrication and protection on brake components. Check out our video on why sufficient brake lubrication is important for quiet, long lasting brakes. For more information on Bendix brakes, cleaners and other ancillary solutions, click HERE. To follow us on Facebook for the latest updates and news, click HERE.
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    In June, Bridgestone provided two car enthusiasts a set of RE-71R tyres for review. It was a chilly morning as they, along with many other drivers, signed up for the monthly ARDC track day. Held on the Gardner GP circuit, it was extremely popular amongst bikers, professional racers, and track enthusiasts. Cameron Bell owns a 1991 Honda NSX and Matthew Everingham has a 2007 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX. They arrived early and secured a garage space, with the tyres having been installed on their identical Rays Volk Racing CE28Ns during the week. The two cars couldn’t have provided more of a contrast. The NSX is the Japanese Ferrari; mid-engine, rear wheel drive, with a naturally-aspirated, screaming V6 ensconced in a lightweight aluminium chassis. It was even further perfected by F1 legend, Ayrton Senna. The Evolution IX on the other hand, was the 9th culmination of Mitsubishi’s World Rally Championship expertise. It has a very clever AWD system, a bulletproof, turbocharged two-litre engine, and massive Brembo brakes. The muscular sedan shape bulges with wide fenders, blistered bumpers, and that unmistakably massive rear wing. Out on the first session, Cameron and Matthew took it relatively easy, re-learning the Gardner GP track, and practising their lines. Soon it was over, and when the testers came back into the pits, tyre pressures were checked and chins were wagged. Cameron and Matthew were amazed at the initial grip levels of the Bridgestone RE-71Rs, and couldn’t wait to go all out on the 2nd session. With correct tyre pressure levels, Cameron and Matthew found the tyres to be awe-inspiring. “The adjustability and grip levels were extremely high, especially after I had dropped the tyre pressures to the correct level,” says Cameron. Matthew agreed, saying that the tyres felt even better in the 2nd session. On the 3rd session, Cameron was confidently overtaking other cars on the track, even around corners. Matthew closed the gaps on high horsepower cars around corners with ease. “I’ve pushed and pushed the tyres, and they still have more to give!” Matthew commented. Cameron agreed, saying that the tyres were also very communicative, giving him the confidence to choose different lines, passing other cars around the track easily. Both were excited for the fourth session so they can break their personal bests. Unfortunately, Matthew had to end his session early, due to cooked brakes. Despite that, he was very happy with the Bridgestone RE-71R experience, setting a new personal best time at the circuit. He was surprised that the Evolution IX’s Brembo brakes had given out before the tyres. Cameron was also highly satisfied with the tyres. “It feels more like an R-compound racing tyre than a 200 thread wear tyre,” he says, adding that the stiff sidewalls allowed him to gauge the NSX’s grip levels accurately. Both were very happy with the tyres, and would recommend them to any car enthusiasts who goes to track days regularly. Due to the specialised nature of this tyre, the Bridgestone Potenza RE-71 is going to be initially available by order only. Customer orders are expected to take up to 4 months to fulfil. Follow us on social media: Bridgestone Australia Facebook Bridgestone Australia Website Bridgestone Australia YouTube
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    Sorry for the missing photos. Will have to reload more. wiper hybrid.pdf