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    Link to our online store below. http://store.gtpumps.com.au
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    The OEM gears in the Evo transfer cases are fine for stock applications, but are prone to pitting, galling and shearing in high torque applications and particularly in sustained motorsport use. This shows up as the characteristic “death whine”. Finally, we have a real solution to this problem. Together with Brena Corse, we can now offer transfer case crown wheel and pinion options that are of unbelievable quality and durability. These are made in Italy on the best machines possible, by a maker who has supplied to Group A factory rally teams, and OEM supplier to Ferrari and Bugatti. Due to the setup procedures required for the unique Brena gear profile, we are unable to offer the transfer case crown wheel and pinion sets as a stand alone item for sale. They must be installed by us at Neat Gearboxes (Adelaide, South Australia) to ensure correct fitment – you can contact us here. What you get: transfer case stripped and inspected chemical clean components bead blast housings new Brena Corse crown wheel and pinion (choices below) new pinion bearings new pinion lock nut new carrier bearings new seals and O rings Dimple magnetic drain plug ACD clutches inspected and pistons pressure tested assembled to custom specifications to ensure reliable running in extreme applications 700ml NEO RHD 75w90 gear oil (recommended fill for F1, extreme motorsport use) Suitable for: Evo 4-6; Evo 7-9; and Evo X Price (in Australian dollars, includes GST – international customers will save 10%): ISF option $3,590 Isotropic Super-Finishing (ISF) improves surface finish and reduces oil temperatures. An excellent option for a tough street car, or sprint/time-attack where the runs are not especially long (where oil temperatures are not likely to spike). 800Nm capacity. Carbon Lafer option $3,990 Carbon Lafer leaves a diamond-like carbon deposit on the surface of the gears, leading to incredibly durable gears even in low oil situations and in extreme temperature situations. Cutting edge technology. Recommended for sustained circuit and rally competition use, or where temperatures are very high. 800Nm capacity. Drag race option $4,090 The drag race spec gears are made of a special steel used extensively in F1. The key advantage is that the teeth will not break with loads up to, and beyond 1000Nm.
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    We've been very quiet on the forum, mainly because we've been so busy in the workshop! Anyway, some interesting developments are brewing, including new Evo X dog sets, and most exciting for us - new Klingelnberg-cut transfer case crown wheel and pinions. You'll hear about these in the next few weeks, available for Evo 4-6; 7-9 and X. Anyway, a few things we've come across recently. Evo X with peened and polished gears, PAR final drive, and our centre diff upgrade. Evo II with an Albins 5-speed dog box getting ISF micro polished. VR4 viscous couplings getting checked for breakaway torque. Notice the variations of values - all should read the same!
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    Cars are becoming more digital with internal sensors monitoring the engine and external sensors scanning the roadway for safety hazards. And that’s just the beginning. Four cylinder supercars Big engine cars will always be around. But four cylinder, turbo-charged engines are the future. They’ll deliver exceptional performance, which we can see evolving in cars like Volkswagen Golf R, AMG A45 or rally heritage Subaru WRX STI. Most automotive magazines expect by 2020 there will be a number of four cylinder engine performance cars capable of 320 kmph. Better hybrids With advancements in lithium batteries and engine management systems, hybrid cars will grow in popularity. This technology is an incredibly efficient way to power cars as seen in BMWi3, Toyota Prius and luxury Tesla Model S. We’ll soon see performance vehicles with near zero emissions and unbelievable fuel economy. More carbon It’s forecast in the next four years the automotive industry will be the number one consumer of carbon fibre. Its strength, stiffness and lightweight properties improve safety, fuel economy and performance. Many car parts, where reduced weight benefits performance, will be constructed with carbon fibre. Augmented reality dashboards Car companies are predicting by 2020, Heads Up Display (HUP) will feature active glass capable of displaying vibrant, realistic images. Navigation systems are being developed to highlight the next turn, seen from the driver’s perspective as the turn is being approached. Autonomous vehicles We’ll soon have cars capable of being fully autonomous in certain circumstances, most likely on freeways with minimal variable conditions. The early stages of this technology are present today in BMW 7 series, Tesla S P90D, Volvo XC 90 and Audi A7. There’s no doubt our motor vehicles will be performing and making more decisions than us in the near future. Car-to-car communication Cars will be able to alert one another of accidents, roadblocks and bad weather conditions. They’ll communicate with each other, providing important information and helping other vehicles to stay safe and steer clear of danger. This technology is being launched at the end of this year in the 90s series Volvos including the Volvo V90 Cross Country. New tyres for the future Advances in tyre technology and innovation will see new tyre compositions and tread designs evolving. They’ll produce incredible road handling stability and powerful traction for performance vehicles. We can expect to see digitally optimised tyres on supercars in five years. Through a chip inside the rubber, tyres will be able to communicate with the car, to increase dynamics and road handling. More visionary advances in research include tyres that transform themselves to respond to driving conditions, and self-renewing tyres that replace their grooves as the old ones wear down. Airless tyres and self air pressurising tyres will see us never having to worry about getting a puncture or adjusting tyre pressure. Overall, our tyres will become safer, greener and perform better for us. Bridgestone is at the forefront of performance tyre innovation. Each year they invest more than $800 million in the research and development of tyres. Whether it’s high performance technology, durability or all round comfort, there’s a Bridgestone tyre that will deliver the control and responsiveness to keep you safe. What new technology would you like to see in cars of the near future? Let us know in the comments below. LINKS: Bridgestone Australia - www.bridgestonetyres.com.au/ Bridgestone Australia Facebook - www.facebook.com/BridgestoneAU