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  3. Red Bull Holden Racing Team share the spoils with Shell V-Power Racing Fords as they took one-two wins in Race 3 and Race 4 respectively at Tyrepower Tasmania Symmons Plains. Race 3 was cut short when a horrific pile up was caused by contact between Fabian Coulthard (DJR Team Penske), which then set off another incident between Garth Tander (GRM) and Cameron Waters (Prodrive). It then spread to the rest of the field causing carnage amongst 12 cars in total. Will Davison attempted to bypass the carnage by running on to the grass strip, but speared straight into Rick Kelly’s Sengled Racing Nissan Altima, leaving both cars seriously damaged. Will Davison was later hospitalized when he complained of back pain. That left Shane van Gisbergen leading his team mates Jamie Whincup and Craig Lowndes across the finish line, after the race was suspended for 50 minutes. Jamie Whincup drove brilliantly to take pole position for Race 4, but a combination of safety cars and pit lane strategy saw Fabian Coulthard soar six places to finish first, leading his teammate Scott Mclaughlin across the line. Jamie Whincup claimed the final spot on the podium. XForce Performance Exhaust will be keeping tabs on the RBHRT cars, when they return to Phillip Island. The fast and flowing course will put the new Dunlop tyres to the test with the new format of two 250km races. Phillip Island 500 should see plenty of strategic pit stop action, and tyre management will be key to fast, consistent laptimes. LINKS: XForce Performance Exhaust – www.xforce.com.au XForce Authorised Dealers – www.xforce.com.au/where-to-buy
  4. A brand new public reserve featuring sporting fields, a playground, fitness equipment and sheltered picnic facilities has been opened in Salisbury, South Australia on the land that formerly housed Bridgestone’s Adelaide manufacturing plant. Unveiled by the City of Salisbury, Bridgestone Reserve also boasts a new car park, barbeques and footpaths, while extensive stormwater and wetland management works have also been undertaken. Redevelopment of the 6.8ha site cost $5.3 million and was assisted by a $2.21 million grant from the Australian Government’s Water for the Future Initiative and in-kind support from the South Australian Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources. The land was donated by Bridgestone after the manufacturing plant closed back in 2010, recognising the community and Council support the company received throughout the factory’s 46-year history. Extensive public discussion followed, with residents, potential user groups, school sport coordinators and other stakeholders all consulted before the Bridgestone Feasibility Study was completed and endorsed by Council in 2014. The opening of the Reserve realises Bridgestone’s desire for the area to be used as an open community space and will provide a huge boost for the local community. “The opening of the reserve acknowledges the long-standing relationship between the City of Salisbury and Bridgestone,” Bridgestone Australia and New Zealand Managing Director Andrew Moffatt said. “We hope that this facility will invigorate the area and provide a space to be enjoyed by all members of the community for years to come.” LINKS: Bridgestone Australia - www.bridgestonetyres.com.au/ Bridgestone Australia Facebook - www.facebook.com/BridgestoneAU
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  6. And what is the benefit?. Unless we all want to sit in a cramped hot rough vehicle and travel between 8 and 5 I see no point in this futile challenge.
  7. Are OEM serviceable parts better than aftermarket parts? When it comes to brake pads, it’s a clear, resounding, no. OEM brake pads are usually more expensive, exclusively sold by dealerships, but are outperformed by aftermarket brake pads, in every way. Different Brake Pads for Different Driving Styles and Needs OEM brake pads are good for all round usage. Designed to be quiet, effective on the road, and long lasting, it works well off the showroom floor. However, aftermarket brake pads will stop even better, last longer, and in most cases, cost much less than OEM brake pads. Aftermarket brake pads also come in different formulations that will better suit your driving style and needs. For example, you may have a big sedan that does a lot of towing. Brake pads like the Bendix Heavy Duty can handle heavy loads and frequent stops, without losing braking performance or stopping power. Specially formulated to handle heat build-up generated from towing, the Bendix Heavy Duty brake pads would provide safer, better braking for a longer period of time, compared to the OEM brake pads. Aftermarket brake pads also provide more features when compared to OEM brakes. For example, many of Bendix’s brake pads come with a Blue Titanium Stripe, which removes the need for bedding in. Just install and drive normally, for instant stopping power. Other features such as Bendix’s propriety Stealth Advance Technology reduces vibration and noise at the source. Specially designed shims and backing plates by Bendix also help increase brake efficiency and reduce noise. Quality and Ease of Installation Bendix brake pads are also designed to be easily installed, with the right backing plates and auxiliary parts. For modern European cars, electronic brake sensors are also included, where applicable to ensure fuss free installation. Bendix brake pads are tested to SAE and ISO standards, and these international tests define the highest standards of braking performance. With proven quality and OE fitment, Bendix brake pads easily qualifies for OE logbook servicing, so you won’t void the manufacturer’s warranty. Widely Available, Biggest Range Older, rare or imported cars may have problems finding spares or parts. Not brake pads though, as Bendix has over 2500 applications for cars, trucks, vans or utes. With the widest range of brake pads in Australia and New Zealand, there’s no longer any need to order or wait for brakes to fit your car. For more information, visit the Bendix website HERE. To find your nearest Bendix stockist, click HERE. For the latest Bendix news and updates, visit our Facebook page.
  8. The Western Sydney University Solar Car Project team is comprised of engineers and designers. The group of motivated students came together to compete in the gruelling 3000 kilometre solar powered endurance race from Darwin to Adelaide, determined to build a car that pushes the boundaries of innovation all while demonstrating the incredible potential of electric vehicles. Founded in 1987, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge encourages teams from across the globe to come together to champion the cause for sustainable transport. Universities such as MIT, Stanford and Cambridge are among the competition, producing some of the most efficient electric vehicles on the planet. After entering the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge for the second time in 2015, the Western Sydney U Solar Car Project team released a documentary following their journey to designing, building and racing their state of the art solar car, UNLIMITED. Here’s a teaser. Competing for the first time in 2013 with SolAce, the Solar Car Project brings students into a practical environment to apply the knowledge they have gained in the classroom, giving them the opportunity to improve their skills and collaborate with industry professionals. The Western Sydney U Solar Car Project entered again in 2015 with high hopes. Armed with the drive to return even stronger after their successful debut, the team worked day and night to make a car that was faster and lighter, manufacturing custom carbon-fibre suspension components and producing a car weighing just 150 kilograms, with a top speed of 129 km/h. With the manufacturing process behind them, UNLIMITED was put through rigorous testing, spending over a thousand kilometres on the track and Outback in preparation for the challenge ahead. After passing scrutineering and getting the green light to compete, the team placed third in qualifying to start the race. Racing starts at 8am each day with contestants stopping where they are along the Stuart Highway at 5pM to set up camp for the night. In the heat of the Outback, this is an incredible test of stamina for the driver, who is confined to a small and uncomfortable cockpit with no air conditioning. Air-conditioning is an unaffordable luxury when it comes to energy efficiencies and aerodynamics. The journey to Adelaide was not all smooth sailing, with UNLIMITED crashing after a suspension failure. Stranded on the side of the road, the team rallied together to fix the problem, re-joining the journey to Adelaide after just half an hour. Despite the accident, the team pushed through to repair UNLIMITED, arriving in Adelaide in an incredible 10th place in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge’s Challenger Class. Preparation is well underway for the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge with the Western Sydney U Solar Car Project team raring to hit the road!! Bridgestone will once again be supporting the team as a sponsor, supplying low rolling resistance tyres designed and tested specifically for the event. The complete UNLIMITED Solar Car documentary is available to view on the Western Sydney University YouTube Channel. Follow the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge action on the Bridgestone Australia Facebook page and The World Solar Challenge on Twitter. LINKS: Bridgestone Australia - www.bridgestonetyres.com.au/ Bridgestone Australia Facebook - www.facebook.com/BridgestoneAU
  9. Boostin Juice Performance is holding a HUGE OPEN DAY at our shop premises in Wetherill Park. We have spoken with our close suppliers and businesses and have managed to secure some UNREAL DEALS for those there on the day. Team Wild Speed will be there with a MASSIVE pop up shop and a HUGE array of parts available for all makes and models. Everything from HKS oil to MISHIMOTO radiators will be there and lots of specials will be announced for those in attendance. GTpumps performance turbochargers will be setup on the day with their class leading turbochargers for Mitsubishi's and Subarus. Make sure you get the opportunity to speak to the brains behind the operation. There's a reason why all the top performing cars run Mark's turbos! Intima Performance Brake Pads have announced that they will be there with their full range of stock for everything from brake pads for your daily driver Yaris through to super high temp track pads for your GTR. Intima have been a big supporter of our business for a long time and their products speak for themselves. We all use them on our cars and recommend them for all applications! Track Day Club are going to be here with a stand to show off the trackdays they have on offer. There will also be special pricing on the day, as well as invaluable tips and tricks for getting the most out of your car at the track. With almost half a century of track experience between them, the Track Day Club are certainly the ones to talk to about going FAST! Safely, of course! OZGRIP TYRES will be there, showing off their huge range of street and high performance tyres, as well as track wheel alignments and tyre specials on offer. Quality tyres at amazing prices - what's not to love? There will also be a TONNE of cars on display, including 4 of BOOSTIN JUICE PERFORMANCE biggest builds, along with the famous Bosozoku Skyline and Honda NSX from Team Wild Speed, a very quick EP3 track car and S15 Silvia from Intima Brake Pads, a 9 second nitrous weapon Ford Capri and a big power R32 GT-R from Incar Racing, a few awesome dedicated race cars from Track Day Club and lots more! All visitors are welcome to see what we do and talk to our expert team about any automotive queries they may have. There will also be prizes and giveaways on the day for different catagories including best presented, most outrageous and more!
  10. Different people use their vehicles differently, and that’s why Bendix has a range of brake pads to suit differing driving needs. Whether it’s everyday general driving, off-roading, towing or even the odd track day, Bendix has just the right brake pad to suit. The General CT is the Bendix’s brake pad for everyday driving. Designed to eliminate brake dust and noise, the General CT brake pads suit the commuter who needs quieter, cleaner and more consistent performance for everyday driving. Patented STEALTH Advanced Technology reduces noise and vibration by using diamond-shaped pads. Bendix General CT also features a Blue Titanium Stripe for instant friction without the need for bedding in. Available for over 95% of cars on the road today, the General CT promises dust-free, quiet and reliable braking performance. Find out more about the General CT HERE. To find your nearest Bendix stockist, click HERE. For the latest Bendix news and updates, visit our Facebook page.
  11. With the number of luxury SUVs on Aussie roads growing rapidly, the demand for premium tyres to match is at an all-time high. Introducing the Alenza, a premium tyre built on performance and safety that is designed to bring out the diverse capabilities of luxury SUVs such as BMW’s X-class, Mercedes’ GL-class and Porsche’s Cayenne. “We have engineered an innovative product with a focus on safety, delivering high levels of grip without sacrificing the features customers expect from a premium SUV tyre” – Bridgestone Australia and New Zealand Managing Director Andrew Moffatt. The Alenza adopts several key technologies that allow drivers to unleash the full potential of their vehicles. Nano Pro-Tech® rubber Developed by nanotechnology, the tyre compound combines silica with a polymer to enhance performance through control of the rubber’s structure. This improves wet performance and provides wear and abrasion resistance to increase tyre longevity. Improved block structure Comprising of a multi-round structure, chamfered and 3D M-shaped sipes, the Alenza delivers excellent steering response and higher braking performance. Key features • Superb riding comfort and excellent steering performance • Excellent safety in both wet and dry conditions • Engineered to provide long wear life The first pattern, the Alenza 001, will be introduced alongside the existing Dueler and Ecopia ranges offering drivers a wealth of choice in Bridgestone’s SUV brand product tree. The Alenza 001 will be offered in a wide range of sizes and widths from 215/65R16 to 285/45R22. Find out more about Alenza here. LINKS: Bridgestone Australia - www.bridgestonetyres.com.au/ Bridgestone Australia Facebook - www.facebook.com/BridgestoneAU
  12. What if you could have a device that would know how and when to change the sound of your exhaust easily, precisely and automatically? With our Varex Smartbox Bluetooth exhaust controller, now you can add all these functions and more to your Varex exhaust system. We are sure that you'll love it, so in April, we are offering a Money Back guarantee! For more information on Smartbox visit: www.xforce.com.au/varex-smart-box To find your nearest Authorised Xforce Dealer visit: www.xforce.com.au/where-to-buy *Money back offer extends to RRP of Smartbox only. *Product must be returned in a saleable condition including packaging. *Offer extends for April 2017 purchases only. *Retain dated proof of purchase for refund.
  13. Everyday driving for the everyday commuter can be demanding. Slogging through traffic, picking up kids, doing the groceries may all be simple tasks, but all the wear and tear adds up over time. In this Test Pilot program, we will be helping out Josh and his Suzuki SX4. For Josh, the Suzuki SX4 is a versatile daily car, with a spacious interior, good safety rating, and great fuel economy. Check out Episode #67 of Bendix TV to find out more about Bendix’s General CT brake pad range: As part of our Test Pilot Program and for this month’s Bendix TV episode we’re going to be helping Josh choose the right brake pad to suit his Suzuki SX4. When selecting brake pads it’s important to match the right brake pad formulation to suit your driving needs and vehicle. To achieve the best possible braking performance and stopping distance we asked Josh how he uses his vehicle. “I use it to commute to work, drive around the city, pick up the groceries and do the school run.” “It’s really cheap to run, yet it’s safe, spacious and very practical” says Josh. With its tall body, frugal 2.0 litre engine, and massive boot, the Suzuki SX4 handles anything you could throw at it. It even has switchable all-wheel drive to take on any road or weather. Based on Josh’s driving needs, the most suitable Bendix product is the General CT pad. The General CT is specifically designed for general suburban, city and freeway driving. It is a low dust and noise brake pad without compromising stopping performance. It also features the Bendix blue titanium stripe, granting instant stopping power without require bedding in the brake pads. The Bendix General CT brake pads are ideal for those who require an economical, low dust and quiet brake pad that is easy to install. The General CT is available for over 95% of the cars and light commercial vehicles on the road, so you can be sure to find a General CT replacement for your brake pads. For more information about the General CT, click HERE. To find your nearest Bendix stockist, click HERE. For the latest Bendix news and updates, visit our Facebook page.
  14. Team Penske and the Shell V-Power Racing Fords have proven to be this season’s rivals for the Red Bull Holden Racing Team, scoring 1-2 wins in two races at the Australian GP. The non-championship round saw Fabian Coulthard nearly sweeping all four pole positions, with one held by Jamie Whincup after an inspired qualifying lap. Fabian Coulthard and Scott Laughlin set the pace by finishing first and second in Race 1 and Race 2. Both were on the podium for Race 3, with Coulthard taking the win and Jamie Whincup finishing ahead of Scott McLaughlin. Chaz Mostert claimed his first win this year when he finished Race 4 ahead of Shane van Gisbergen, who made a valiant comeback after the difficult earlier races. Jamie Whincup was on course to win Race 4 when Fabian Coulthard when front left tyre failure, handing the lead to Whincup. However, the rear tyres on Whincup’s Commodore were cooked and also blew out, due to a broken brake bias cable. This left Chaz Mostert to sweep his first win in Supercars since 2015. Jamie Whincup put down his tyre failure to a broken bias brake cable, saying: “From the second lap it started winding itself back so I ended up with full rear brakes. I had no front whatsoever,” Whincup explained. More teams are starting to uncover secrets of the new control tyre from Dunlop, as the tyre failures of Whincup and Coulthard revealed a high sensitivity to heat and tyre pressure. The two XForce sponsored Holdens will be back in action April 7th at Symmons Plains, where the Triple 8 Engineering cars have had a great record since 2015. LINKS: XForce Performance Exhaust – www.xforce.com.au XForce Authorised Dealers – www.xforce.com.au/where-to-buy
  15. This is part three of a three-part article. For non-asbestos organic (NAO) brake pads, please see part one, for low-metallic compounds, please see part two. In the previous parts, we discussed brake pads and its different compounds for passenger and performance cars. What about commercial vehicles, trucks, utes or cars that stop frequently or often tow heavy loads? Hardworking vehicles such as utes, trucks, vans or cars that do frequent towing, require a brake pad that can resist brake fade, lasts extra-long and still stay quiet. Semi-metallic brake pads such as the Bendix Heavy Duty range are highly suited to these vehicles. Containing relatively large amounts of steel and iron, the brake pads are specially designed to be fibrous. This allows gasses that formed during the manufacturing process to be released, increasing the structural integrity of the brake pad. Bendix Heavy Duty brake pads have an Insulayer to increase its endurance and braking performance, without lowering brake rotor life. It also generates less brake dust, and Bendix’ proprietary brake shims with rubber coating reduces noise from the brake pads. By increasing brake pad and rotor life, running costs for commercial vehicles are lowered by saving in servicing costs and spending less time off the road. The choice of friction material will impact on your braking experience which is why it’s important to match your driving needs and vehicle with the right brake pad formulation. Visit HERE to select and fit the right Bendix brake pad for your driving style. Make sure that at your next brake service, ask your mechanic for the right Bendix brake pads to suit your driving style, or Bendix products are available from leading automotive stockist. Click HERE to locate your nearest stockist.
  16. Introducing the Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R – the ultimate in street legal track performance. Engineered to provide outstanding street and track performance, the Potenza RE-71R has built a strong reputation in both Japan and America, and thanks to popular demand, the Potenza RE-71R is coming to Australia. The Potenza RE-71R utilises UltimateEYE™ technology to maximise grip and response across street, track and wet driving conditions. Bridgestone’s newly-developed high-grip compound adapts to the road surface, maximising the Potenza RE-71R’s contact patch with the road and in turn providing an increased level of grip at high speeds and temperatures. Stiffer sidewalls, a wide centre rib and extreme shoulder block all work to promote better steering and cornering response, giving you the confidence to push harder through the corners whilst maintaining safe handling on the street. A rounded shoulder profile further improves the length of the tyre’s contact patch with the road surface, improving traction and minimising sliding during hard cornering. Wet weather performance isn’t sacrificed with the Potenza RE-71R, allowing you to maintain confidence even when conditions start to get slippery. Bridgestone’s unique directional “7-shaped” lateral grooves and use of wide circumferential grooves work to effectively drain water and maximise traction and steering response on wet surfaces. Impressions of the Potenza RE-71R have been extremely positive the world over. Tests have seen the Potenza RE-71R receive praise in America and Japan from both car enthusiasts and racing drivers alike, noting its outstanding grip and confidence-inspiring stability. A test day conducted by Bridgestone America allowed journalists to come and test out the Potenza RE-71R for themselves in a controlled environment. The tyres were fitted to stock Scion FRS’ and journalists took the cars out to play on a cone course. The Potenza RE-71R was praised for its immense levels of grip, allowing the driver to brake later and hold tight through corners. Autos.ca states “This kind of adhesion will inspire pure joy in track day enthusiasts”. CNET notes how the Potenza RE-71R neutralised the FRS’ natural oversteer characteristics, allowing the car to corner like it was on rails. Successful Super GT racing driver, Tetsuya Yamano, expresses his thoughts on the Potenza RE-71R in the video below. To benchmark the improvements of the RE-71A on the track, a Nissan Skyline GT-R 34 and a Toyota GT 86 hit the Tsukuba 2000 circuit. When tested against the previous RE-11A , the Potenza RE-71R for both cars returned a 1.4% faster lap time. On the 2nd hairpin and final corner, the test cars recorded a staggering 12% more G-force, and 3% greater minimum speed. Bottom line - if you’re looking for a tyre that you can drive to the track, put out some fast lap times and drive back home with, look no further than the Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R. If you’re interested in purchasing a set, contact your local Bridgestone store. To find your nearest Bridgestone store visit: https://www.bridgestonetyres.com.au/find-stores Note: Due to the specialised nature of this tyre, the Bridgestone Potenza RE-71 is going to be initially available by order only. Customer orders are expected to take up to 4 months to fulfil. Follow us on social media: Bridgestone Australia Facebook Bridgestone Australia Website Bridgestone Australia YouTube Sizing Availability Inch Size LI/SS Inch Size LI/SS Inch Size LI/SS Inch Size LI/SS 14" 185/60R14 82H 17" 205/45R17 88W XL 18" 225/50R18 95W 19" 235/40R19 92W 165/55R14 72V 215/45R17 91W XL 215/45R18 93W XL 245/40R19 98W XL 15" 185/55R15 82V 225/45R17 94W XL 225/45R18 95W XL 265/40R19 98W 195/55R15 85V 235/45R17 94W 235/45R18 94W 225/35R19 88W XL 165/50R15 73V 245/45R17 95W 245/45R18 100W XL 235/35R19 91W XL 195/50R15 82V 215/40R17 83W 265/45R18 104W XL 245/35R19 93W XL 205/50R15 86V 235/40R17 90W 215/40R18 89W XL 255/35R19 96W XL 16" 195/55R16 87V 245/40R17 91W 225/40R18 92W XL 265/35R19 98W XL 205/55R16 91V 255/40R17 98W XL 235/40R18 95W XL 275/35R19 96W 195/50R16 84V 245/40R18 97W XL 285/35R19 99W 205/50R16 87V 255/40R18 99W XL 305/30R19 102W XL 225/50R16 92V 255/35R18 94W XL 20" 255/40R20 97W 205/45R16 87W XL 265/35R18 97W XL 245/35R20 95W XL 215/45R16 86W 275/35R18 95W 285/35R20 100W 225/45R16 89W 285/30R18 93W 295/30R20 101W XL 295/30R18 94W Source http://www.autos.ca/auto-product-reviews/tire-review-bridgestone-potenza-re-71r/ https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/tire-tech-the-bridgestone-potenza-re-71r-ultra-high-performance-tire/
  17. I just picked up 4 of these for my Evo 8. Really happy with them
  18. The quickest and most powerful Golf to wear the Volkswagen badge, the Golf R hits 0-100kph in 5 seconds flat, thanks to its turbocharged 2L 206kW engine and all-wheel drive grip. Defined by its point and shoot handling, the Golf R is efficient in dispatching corners with tenacious grip. Bridgestone Potenza RE003 adds to the Golf R’s well-judged handling and ride, allowing the driver to indulge in the car’s immense handling, braking and traction. For more information on the Potenza RE003, click HERE. LINKS: Bridgestone Australia - www.bridgestonetyres.com.au/ Bridgestone Australia Facebook - www.facebook.com/BridgestoneAU
  19. Different people use their vehicles differently, and that’s why Bendix has a range of brake pads to suit differing driving needs. Whether it’s everyday general driving, off-roading, towing or even the odd track day, Bendix has just the right brake pad to suit. The new Bendix Heavy Duty pads are designed for every ute, van and pick-up on the road. Manufactured using a specifically developed compound, the Heavy Duty delivers real performance for all sorts of load carrying situations. Whether it’s the stop-start city driving, frequent towing or the hard grind of construction sites, the Heavy Duty will handle any situation that involves heavy loads. The Bendix Heavy Duty brake pads come with an exclusive insulation layer between the friction material and backing plate for cooler braking and longer rotor life. The Bendix Blue Titanium Stripe means that no bedding in is required for the Heavy Duty brake pads. Find out more about the Heavy Duty HERE. To find your nearest Bendix stockist, click HERE. For the latest Bendix news and updates, visit our Facebook page.
  20. We've been very quiet on the forum, mainly because we've been so busy in the workshop! Anyway, some interesting developments are brewing, including new Evo X dog sets, and most exciting for us - new Klingelnberg-cut transfer case crown wheel and pinions. You'll hear about these in the next few weeks, available for Evo 4-6; 7-9 and X. Anyway, a few things we've come across recently. Evo X with peened and polished gears, PAR final drive, and our centre diff upgrade. Evo II with an Albins 5-speed dog box getting ISF micro polished. VR4 viscous couplings getting checked for breakaway torque. Notice the variations of values - all should read the same!
  21. This is part two of a three-part article. For non-asbestos organic (NAO) brake pads, please see part one, for semi-metallic compounds, please see part three. In part one, non-asbestos organic (NAO) brake pads were discussed. These brake pads are suitable for a wide range of driving styles, with their low dust, consistent brake performance at relatively low temperatures and speeds. However, when cars regularly travel at higher speeds or require greater performance, brake temperatures rise, and this can cause brake fade, reducing stopping performance. In these situations, brake pads with Low Metallic compounds excel. Low Metallic (Low-Met) brake pads are suited to performance and high speed driving styles, and contain high levels of mineral abrasives to provide better stopping power. The Bendix Ultimate and Street Road & Track contains these ingredients to provide exceptional stopping power and shorter stopping distances. It is also more resistant to brake fade at high temperatures, delivering consistent brake pedal feel lap after hot lap. The Bendix Ultimate and Street Road & Track is recommended for high performance vehicles that do spirited driving or track racing, where braking performance is paramount. Bendix Ultimate brake pads feature HPC technology that reduces brake dust, without compromising stopping performance. Bendix Ultimate and Street Road & Track brake pads also come with Bendix’s proprietary brake shims, featuring a nitrile rubber coating that absorbs noise and vibration under braking. The next article will feature Semi Metallic brake pads suited for, commercial vehicles, utes or cars that often carry heavy loads. The choice of friction material will impact on your braking experience which is why it’s important to match your driving needs and vehicle with the right brake pad formulation. Visit HERE to select and fit the right Bendix brake pad for your driving style. Make sure that at your next brake service, ask your mechanic for the right Bendix brake pads to suit your driving style, or Bendix products are available from leading automotive stockist. Click HERE to locate your nearest stockist.
  22. With more Sports Utility Vehicles on Australian roads than ever before, there is a large demand for quality and dependable SUV tyres. Last year alone, SUVs accounted for over 35 per cent of all new vehicle sales in Australia and the market shows no signs of slowing down. To meet this demand head-on, Bridgestone and has recently announced the expansion of its popular Supercat H/T range. With fourteen new sizes, the Supercat H/T is now available to an even wider range of Australian road users searching for a quality SUV tyre. But what is it that makes the Bridgestone Supercat H/T stand out from the pack? Stability and handling The everyday Aussie motorist demands a tyre that can respond to all conditions, one that will ensure safety and reliability for them and their family. With improved stability and handling in both wet and dry conditions, the Supercat H/T ensures motorists the peace of mind they demand in an SUV tyre. Comfort and economy Specifically engineered to deliver low road noise, the Supercat H/T provides good ride comfort and long wear life to passengers. Across the board, the Supercat H/T delivers and is now available in 14 sizes to suit a range of SUVs, including 225/65R17, 235/60R17 and 235R18. The Supercat H/T is available exclusively from Bridgestone Select, Bridgestone Service Centre and Bridgestone Tyre Centre stores. Find out more about SupercatH/T here. LINKS: Bridgestone Australia - www.bridgestonetyres.com.au/ Bridgestone Australia Facebook - www.facebook.com/BridgestoneAU
  23. There’s nothing quite like getting out on the road and escaping the city for a week or two. A road trip can be a lot of fun, but failure to properly prepare can quickly turn your road trip into a nightmare… Poorly prepared cars can cause unwanted headaches, there’s risk of tyre failure, not to mention all of the little things that can go wrong. So, before you get behind the wheel, check out our top tips for road trips. Inspect your tyres We recommend you keep a good close eye on the condition of your tyres – not just when preparing for a road trip but all the time. Only one hand print of tread connects each tyre to the road and if they’re overly worn or incorrectly inflated they could cause you some trouble. We expose our tyres to some harsh conditions in Australia. Under-inflation is a major problem which can be controlled with regular tyre maintenance. An underinflated tyre will cause an increase in stress, concentrated on the sidewall of the tyre. These stresses result in heat build up which can lead to tyre damage and ultimately result in a blowout. Under-inflation can also increase fuel consumption, tyre wear and braking distance. Bear in mind though, if you check your tyre pressures after you’ve been driving for a while the pressures will be higher, due to the air inside the tyres expanding when hot. Don’t deflate your tyres; ensure you check your tyre pressures when they are cool. Check your cooling system It’s also worth giving your cooling system a good once-over before heading off on a road trip. Make sure you check your coolant levels and that your fan is working. You should be able to hear it running when driving and your temperature gauge shouldn’t move far past halfway. If it does, or it starts to rise suddenly when you’re driving, pull over immediately to see what might be the problem. Pack what you need It can be tempting when heading off on holidays to pack everything including the kitchen sink, but overloading your car can reduce its handling ability, and increase your fuel consumption. So, make sure you know what your car’s maximum payload is and don’t exceed it. More than that, don’t load up your car so much that you can’t see out of the windows. Drive to the road’s conditions The surfaces of freshly sealed or older roads can have looser surfaces, especially when they heat up. Gravel flicking up from the road can cause damage to your car’s underbody or other vehicles’ windscreens. So, if the surface is loose, slow down and increase the distance between you and the car in front; you don’t want to get a cracked windscreen. Prepare for the glare Make sure your windscreen is in good condition and clean, that your windscreen washer bottle is full and your wipers are in good condition. Also make sure you’ve got a decent pair of sunglasses, preferably with polarized lenses for long distance driving, especially if you’re driving in summer. A quality pair of sunnies are a must have, because nothing tires you out like squinting behind the wheel. If the glare gets too bad, you could even momentarily lose sight of the cars in front. And make sure you’ve got plenty of water in the car when you’re driving, because drying out can increase fatigue. Be aware of other road users If you’re heading to a popular holiday spot, it can feel like every man, woman, child and their dog is out in their cars, on their bikes, or even their skateboards! This means you’ve got to be extra careful when on the road. Always scan the road ahead, to the side and the rear, for other cars and particularly motorcycles. Never rely only on your mirrors; always perform a shoulder check. Oh, and don’t ever, ever use your phone when you’re driving, place it in the glove box out of reach. Inspect anything you’re towing If you’re hauling the family caravan, camper trailer or boat on your holiday, make sure you’ve thoroughly checked over your rig before hitting the road. Just as it’s important to check the tyres on your car, it’s also vitally important you check your tyres on whatever you’re towing. Why? Well, they’re often sitting around in one spot for months on end, which can lead to flat spots on the tyre. This will result in a vibration for the first few km’s of your journey but should return to normal as the tyre regains its shape. However this damage can be permanent if the tyres haven’t moved in a really long time. You’ll also want to make sure the bearings and brakes are up to scratch, and that there’s no mould on the vinyl of the pop-top if you’ve got a pop-top caravan. It’s worth it if you haven’t had your caravan or camper trailer out in a while, to take it to a caravan mechanic for a thorough once-over. Always check your spare It’s one thing to give your tyres a regular visual inspection, but don’t neglect your spare tyre. Some new cars don’t even have a spare, they have an inflation kit. If your car does have a spare tyre get it out and take a good look at it, check the pressure and inflate it if need be. Check your tool kit while you’re there, too. It doesn’t hurt to carry a few extra bits and bobs like spare fuses. Take a break You’ve all seen the roadside signs about fatigue and some of you may have ignored them. Don’t. Plan longer journeys so that you can take regular breaks (about every two hours) of around 20 minutes or so. Stop at a park and go for a walk or a jog, anything to get the blood flowing again. Even have a short nap, but make sure your car is parked somewhere safe when you do that. LINKS: Bridgestone Australia - www.bridgestonetyres.com.au/ Bridgestone Australia Facebook - www.facebook.com/BridgestoneAU
  24. February’s EOMM 2017 went bonkers, with heaps of quality cars showing up this month. So much so that there’s not just five, but TEN Cars of Bendix that we’ve decided to feature! The night was lively, with the adjacent race track playing host to PowerCruise. Tough V8s were heard through the EOMM venue, mixed in with the thumping music and the occasional revving. Check out the mad rides that made it into the Feb’s Cars of Bendix! 1971 Datsun 1200 coupe First up is Travis’ 1971 Datsun 1200 coupe. Fully restored from the ground up, it was toughened up with a turbocharged, imported Z18 with a L series bottom end. The power is then pumped to the rear views using a Fiat diff and a FJ five-speed gearbox. To prevent the classic looks from being spoiled, Travis opted for a water-to-air intercooler, resulting in a timeless looking butt kicking Datsun. 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Damien’s vision of a WRX STi was to be able to make it dance at gymkhanas, yet drive it to work daily. The first thing that you notice are the additional fenders on the already blistered fenders, attempting to contain the fat Koya Racing wheels. Inside, you’ll find a roll cage, and a Sparco bucket seat so that Damien doesn’t go out the side windows in high-g manoeuvres. The WRX STi is ready to execute all those Ken Block gymkhana moves thanks to a hydraulic handbrake, plated 1.5 way differentials, adjustable centre differential and big billet driveshafts. Motive power is generated by a forged EJ25 breathing through a Blouch 1.5 XTR turbo, making a responsive 300kW at all four. 2012 Holden Cruze CRi Are you ready for a blast from the past, but updated with all the latest trends? This is Rick and Michael’s pet project, a father and son undertaking. It’s a superbly modified 2012 Holden Cruze with a ton of special touches. Starting off with that outrageous custom body kit, paint and wheels, you would not have picked it as a Cruze if this rolls pass you. The bonnet is modified with a custom VF commodore reverse intake scoop, and those massive Rotiform wheels add a finishing touch to the whole package. Inside, it’s been retrimmed, and a massive sound system will be going in later too. It’s not just show and no go; the Cruze packs a custom fabricated turbo kit, and it sits in an engine bay so clean you could eat off it. 1974 VW Type 2 The old school Volkswagen camper van and all its iterations are universally adored. You just can’t hate them. And nothing brings a smile to the lips like spotting a baby blue, original 1974 VW Type 2 single cab ute rolling up at EOMM. Alex owns this and another VW camper van, just out of sight in this picture. The gorgeous blue is mostly untouched, except with a home job stencil of Alex’s grandfather’s business card on the side of the door, and some pinstripe design down the side. It’s in fantastic condition too; rust was minimal when Alex bought it, sight unseen on eBay. It’s full of character, and exudes a vintage charm that we can’t help but feature this! Mazda RX-7 FC3S The Mazda RX-7 in its 4th and 5th generation was the personification of gentleman motoring; a stark contrast to what lay brapping away in the engine bay. James’ FC3S has that classy 3-piece automotive suit: smooth clean body in metallic gun metal grey, tasteful, period correct FR Simmons wheels, and lowered just right to look good and not impractical. Pop the hood though, and it flexes its bridgeported 13B rotary muscles. Pumped up with an old school T04Z setup, and a Motec dash and computer, this FC3S has the power to back up its refined looks. Honda S2000 ‘Itasha’ – a Japanese word that means ‘painful’. It is also a term for the emerging trend of wrapping cars up with eye-catching Japanese cartoon motifs, and no type of car is safe from it. Garry’s Honda S2000 is usually more at home on the race track, or on twisties with the roof down. But rather than settling for the typical race-inspired cosmetic enhancements like the Voltex GT wing, Js Racing carbon diffuser, massive front Spoon monoblock brakes and Flow Design lip, Garry wrapped the car up in a design based off a Japanese anime called Re:Zero. It certainly stood out from a sea of silver S2000s with its colourful wrap. Holden Kingswood Belmont HQ Ute Affectionately known as Rosie, Jesse’s 1974 Holden Kingswood Belmont ute has been lovingly and sparingly modified and restored. Jesse and his family are professed HQ enthusiasts; there’s another two Kingswood at home belonging to mom and pops! In the two and a half years Rosie has been with Jesse, all the rust spots have been fixed, a set of period correct steelies (with white walls, of course) got stuck on, and the venerable 202 got cleaned up. Running a small Edelbrock cam with a soulful exhaust and intake, Rosie could sing her heart out while cruising along. Nissan 200SX The Nissan 200SX; it’s an iconic sports car of the early 2000s. Rear wheel drive and turbocharged, the 200SX takes all of that and wraps it up in a svelte body that still turns heads in this day and age. Will’s 200SX keeps the original factory body kit, and added a dash of Mazda’s Velocity Red to the car to make it stand out. Those massively wide, black Rays TE37SL is given the slammed perspective; all cambered, aggressive and Instagram worthy. It’s got some power too, with Tomei cams, full exhaust, an intercooler and boost controller making sure the venerable SR20DET pulls hard. 2000 Toyota Chaser JZX100 This is a family friendly 300rwkw daily driver. It’s probably no surprise to die hard Toyota fans, but for those new to the Chaser, it might be shocking to see this wide, low, dressed up ‘Camry’ leave them dead at the lights. Rohan’s Chaser is outfitted with the sought after, genuine TRD kit, wide and tilted 18in AME Tracers, and its 2.5 litre straight six is fitted with Supra DNA…the 1JZ with VVTi. Thanks to that, a GTX3076 turbocharger and E85, the Chaser thumps out a skid inducing 305rwKW. Step inside and it’s spacious as an Aurion, and the rare Thule roof racks is ready for surfboards or snowboards. It even has a Recaro baby seat, imported straight out of Germany. Mitsubishi 3000GT In the golden era of Toyota Supras, Honda NSXes, and Nissan Skyline GTRs, Mitsubishi rolled out the 3000GT, also known as the GTO. The flagship 2+2 coupe showcased Mitsubishi’s advanced technology in the day. Packing features such as electronically controlled suspension, four wheel drive and four wheel steer, active aerodynamics, and changeable exhaust modes, the 3000GT was ahead of its time. The top spec twin turbo’d 3.0L V6 was no slouch either, pumping 300hp out at four wheels and smashing the quarter mile in 13 seconds. For more information about End of Month Meet and how to attend visit the Bendix Facebook page. To learn more about the Bendix Brakes’ range of products visit: www.bendix.com.au
  25. Oh yes, please do, only keen on new or very near new - no Jimmy spares type ones
  26. I was hoping you had a new CT9A black steering wheel in there - airbagless... GLWS
  27. We have a huge amount of stock here at the moment that we are trying to clear at discounted prices. Call us on (02) 8798 7618 for more information. ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE To suit EVO X and RALLIART: Hyperflow 3" front/down pipes USED - $60 HKS front/down pipes USED - $75 HKS front/down pipes NEW - $100 Invidia long front/pipe with 100 cel cat USED - $300 EVO X stock upper intercooler piping USED - $50 Bonnet vents (plastidipped but white underneath) USED - $75 for all 3 Ralliart/EVO X steering wheels with airbag and all buttons USED - $400 Leather door panels with switches USED - $200 for the set of 4 Heated seat switch USED - $20 HID Left hand head light only USED - $400 Mmcs fascia USED - $50 each Rockford fosgate factory speakers USED - $60 set of 4 Sony speakers USED - $100 set of 4 Rockford fosgate factory amplifier USED - $50 Ralliart rear diff (RS rear diff with different hat) USED - $900 Transfer case USED - $750 Parts to suit EVO X only: Hyperflow EVO X catback exhaust - $400 Plazmaman intake pipe USED - $100 MRT split dump pipe with decat portion (mates up to most catback exhausts and still has cat body so looks factory ish) USED - $450 EVO X rear diff USED - $350 EVO X MR Bilstein shocks with Eibach springs USED - $300 Parts to suit RALLIART only Hyperflow Ralliart catback exhaust - $400 Ralliart intake including airbox and rubber piping USED - $75 Ralliart stock intercooler and piping USED - $75 Sportback red tinted tail lights - $50
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