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  3. Evo 6 with an EVO 9 engine and running gear.

  4. Thank you for the super quick delivery of the parts! Well packaged too!

  5. I have an airtrek with a built GTA box in it.  Have upgraded to td05 and front mount. With a tune by next up here in BNE.  I need to work on the mapping of the box as I am forced to drive arround in tiptronic mode because auto is near unusable.   

    Can u maybe help with a definition and some advice on what to change in the map.   Would be forever grateful.  For ur assistance.     I am pretty sure my original airtrek box went down to Aldo via Liam for repurposing.  

  6. Hey man, have a look at my car if you're interested- 8mr with loads of bolt-ons. Zero rust as it was imported and complied in 2005! I'm not actively trying to sell it but I have been tempted to get another rx7. I'm in Vic but happy to get as many photos as you need if you're interested.

    Thanks, Andrew.


    1. Jfav2206


      Thanks mate looks like a big build but I ended up picking one up yesterday. Cheers though!

  7. Hey David, was looking at one of Dashsport clutches for the 6, has about 400kw, how did yours go ?




    1. epadvp


      PM sent Dean.

  8. Enjoying the new Forum Software

  9. Hey. I bring my 7 back from Brisbane hopefully this weekend. Had it 6 years but it spends a lot of time in Brisbane. 

    I think I may have seen yours and a white 6 but can't remember any others. Used to be a blue one but haven't seen it in ages.

    Let me know if you get up to anything as I'd be keen. 


  10. What turbo timer and double din cd/Nav unit to get? The standard one is Japanese and playing up?

  11. Timing Belt all done with new drive belt amongst other small things done, feel good about driving it a bit harder now:)

  12. Getting timing belt kit done soon for piece of mind. what colour to respray brembos? Mmmm

  13. sadly parting with my VII

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