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  4. Price: $27,000 Location: Brisbane 107,000ks Registration Expiry: 27/05/2019 VIN: 6U9000CT9A0004486 RWC ( Road Worthy Certificate will be provided upon sale ) I have receipts for proof. Send offers, negotiable! Up for sale is my 2001 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 GSR. Purchased from Sydney, Imported from Japan. I have owned the Evo 7 for 6-7 years. A/C works perfectly, nice & cold! Some work has been done by GT AUTO GARAGE, 101 Motorsport & NA Autosport. Nick @ NA Autosport has been servicing, tuning, etc now. Respray of the factory colour with pearl, no rust. It has a built 2.3L, FP Zero Ball Bearing Turbocharger. Tuned on both 98 & E85, E85 making just over 410kw atw on 31-32psi with no timing & a conservative tune. 98 fuel making 290-300kw atw on 24-25psi with a conservative tune. Alot of money, time, etc has been spent, unfortunately I need to let it go and focus on work & don't have time for it anymore. I'm open to offers, No test drivers, time wasters or anyone in that catergory, they will be ignored. I'd like to sell it to someone who will look after it like I have. Serviced every 4,000-5,000km, differentials, transmission, motor, etc. Coorparoo Engineering & Performance built the motor, Nick @ NA AUTOSPORT serviced, tuned, etc the Evo 7. Engine & Fuel System - Built 2.3L (CP Pistons, Spool Conrods, Spool Mitsubishi 4G63 100MM Billet 4340 stroker crankshaft, GSC S2 Camshaft, GSC Power Division Beehive Spring Set with Titanium Retainer, etc) - FP ZERO Ball Bearing Turbocharger - Tial External Wastegate - GFB Respons TMS BOV - Haltech ECU - Custom Manifold from the states, ceramic coated - FP 3" Dump straight pipe & 3" Tomei Downpipe ceramic coated & external wastegate - 3" all the way with two straight through 3" Magnaflow mufflers & a 3.5" straight through magnaflow at the end - HDI Intercooler kit - HKS Fuel Rail - Tomei Fuel Regulator - Twin Walbro 255 Walbro Fuel Pump - Speedflow Fuel System with Braided Line - ID 2000cc Injectors - PWR Oil Cooler - Custom catch can setup, with braided lines - Brand new genuine oem coils - Braided lines through the fuel system, catch can, brakes, etc - New Camshaft Sensor - New Cam Angle Sensor - New Timing Belt Drivetrain - Evo 8/9 Transfer Case rebuilt with Wavetrac LSD - Gearbox has been rebuilt to oem spec & fitted with PPG Forged Torque Tube by Steve @ Diff & Gearbox Industries - Direct Clutch Services Twin Plate Clutch Suspension - Tein Coilovers with EDFC - Superpro bushes fitted throughout underneath of the car - All of Superpro parts listed on the website has been fitted to the Evo 7 Brakes - DBA Slotted Rotors Front fitted with Project Mu Pads - DBA Rotors (Not Slotted) Rear fitted with Project Mu Pads - Goodridge Braided Brake Lines fitted all around - Brembo Calipers Rebuilt & Resprayed factory colour Interior - Genuine Colt Speed tripple Gauge Panel - Engine Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, AFR Gauge - Boost Gauge Wheels & Tyres - Near new Enkei RPF1, same spec as factory Evo 7 but lighter & better! - Bridgestone Potenza RE003 Tyres I have spent well over $60,000, from parts, servicing, etc. You can start it & drive no problem, everything is done.
  5. Our video investigates what causes of low stopping power after brake rotors were machined Follow Bendix Brakes on Facebook HERE. To learn more about the Bendix Brakes range of products visit: www.bendix.com.au
  6. Brake noise is annoying, and a sign that there might be something wrong with your braking system. Our video investigates what causes brake noise and how to prevent them Follow Bendix Brakes on Facebook HERE. To learn more about the Bendix Brakes range of products visit: www.bendix.com.au
  7. Payment received, Pads sold! 460 walbro being added also. Its done a flex fuel tune & about 1500km only pump is still in the car upgrading to the new 525 as im nearing the limits of the 460. $150ono
  8. Also have a brand new turbosmart 4 port solenoid $150ono
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  10. Hi guys got a couple of items to move on. QFM A1RMS brake pads. Full set. Less than 2000km old. Changed to some more aggressive pads. Pads look practically new. $150 Cobb tuning 3 port. Plug n play $150 Contact Mick on 0423089277 Cheers! Pick up Penrith area or happy to deliver at buyers expense. Prices are ono
  11. Hi Guys as the title states looking for Evo X enkei's MUST be mint condition. Prefer rims only if possible.. Thanks! Mick
  12. Bridgestone

    Lexus ISF V8 Build

    The Blue Suit: Lexus ISF Build If you’re looking for me in my happy place; that would be in the garage until the wee hours of the morning, tinkering with carburetors, rewiring some gadget or painting something. My name is Kevin San, and my hobby is restoring old cars. But when it comes to motorsport, I don’t tend to use my project cars. Old cars need more skill to push hard, and having things wear out faster due to track days tends to make a restoration that little bit harder to complete. And if things do go pear-shaped, the consequences are much harder to resolve. So rather perversely, when it comes to motorsport, it’s the cars that I use for daily driving that get pressed into active duty. In recent years, I’ve been pretty lucky to have some nice cars to drive to work everyday. The MX5 was the friendly, approachable sweetheart that everyone knows and loves and felt equally at home in Super Sprints or drift events. The 911 that replaced it was a superb road car, whilst slightly tricky to tame on the circuit. While I loved it, I never quite felt like I came to terms with driving it on the limit. The beautiful RX-7 that replaced it was the most wonderfully pure and focused drivers car, which got better the faster you went. It might come as a surprise to learn that the car that I’m driving today is the fastest of the lot, and it’s an automatic family sedan. It’s a 2011 Lexus ISF. The ISF evolved quite a bit during its 6-year production run, and the 2011 model got some tasty upgrades compared to the launch edition; specifically a torsen LSD and a revised suspension that made it a much faster proposition on the circuit. So when it was time to move on from the RX-7, it was a 2011 or newer model that I was looking for. It’s a pretty nice package out of the box, and unusually for a Japanese car, doesn’t feel like it’s crying out for a round of ‘necessary’ modifications. So the modifications it does have are pretty light; just an X-Force dual exhaust to let more of the V8 snarl out, an intake tube and some better Endless brake pads. When I first got the car, I eagerly took it to its first track day and came away pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was. The handling balance is dominantly power oversteer, and you could really make the most of the monstrous brakes and 420 horsepower of brute force coming out of corners. Going fast was quite easy, but nailing the perfect lap was a real challenge, as the car starts to feel its weight at the very limit. You have to be very precise to manage its momentum, especially when getting it to pivot into corners and in the esses. Go a little too hard and it’s easy to spill the car over into messy oversteer, which looks and feels great but isn’t so flash on the stopwatch. So when the opportunity arose to try the new Potenza S007As, I jumped at the chance. It’s been my experience that modern supercar tyres are really very impressive. They do everything a good road tyre should do, offering good wet grip, quiet operation and long tread wear life…but then they also are capable of surprising lap times on a circuit. There’s no free lunch though, and the catch comes in the form of a relatively small window before they get too hot and the grip levels start to fall. Whereas track day tyres are designed to stay consistent and nail identical times lap after lap, the high end road tyres can’t keep it up for too long before starting to lose their edge. You can’t have everything! The OEM tyres that were fitted when I bought it were great on road and reeled off an impressive 1’10.2 lap time around Wakefield Park, just a smidge shy of the RX-7’s best time and a couple of seconds faster than the 911. But as expected, they had a sweet spot of a few hot laps before you had to back right off and let them cool down again. I eventually replaced them with the a different brand, this time opting for a track spec tyre, which brought the PB down to 1’09.6, beating the RX-7s best time and as expected of a track day tyre, they had the consistency to do lap after lap with largely identical times. As expected, the gap in ultimate performance between a really good road tyre and a track day tyre wasn’t that big. But the consistency of a track day tyre comes at a cost of reduced lifespan, greater noise and unpredictable wet grip on the road. I’d had the Bridgestone Potenza S007As fitted for a few weeks before the track day, which allowed me to get a feel for how they performed as an everyday road tyre. The initial verdict was that they were very good indeed; the ride had a plusher edge to it and they were impressively quiet. On a winding road, the steering was less darty and as you approached the grip limit, the breakaway was very soft and progressive. This meant that you had a lot of feedback as to where the grip levels were, and it instilled more confidence to allow you to really lean on the tyres. The big question was how they would perform on the track. The S007A’s compound is somewhere between a track day tyre and a sports road tyre in terms of softness, and that bodes well for the grip. Rolling out of the pits into the first corner, they kept their softer edged characteristics from the road, and instead of messy and fidgety stabs into oversteer, they settled into long and gentle powerslides which were easy to manage. Compared to the other tyres, these had less understeer and more of a tail-out balance. Grip levels were high, and immediately the lap times tumbled into the 1’09s, eventually settling to a best of the day of 1’09.3. It’s the fastest the ISF has ever gone around Wakefield. The S007As seem to like softer pressures, so they have that in common with track day tyres. So notwithstanding the stellar lap times that they’re capable of, the S007As are excellent road tyres that are more than capable of doing a track day. For those looking for outright track speed there are a few more dedicated tyres in the Potenza range like the RE-71R that I would love to try out and would probably recommend for those who spend hours lapping round their local circuit chasing extra 10ths of seconds. I really do like them as road tyres, and considering they’re quiet and ride well they are a good option over daily driving race rubber, and have excellent winding road manners. The fact the S007A also has the potential to run with the big dogs at a track day is a mightily impressive bonus. The stopwatch doesn’t lie. View my trackday video here Now that I felt I’ve extracted the very best out of the standard Lexus ISF (albeit with three very different tyres), it’s time for me to start the major modifications. I will be ordering coilovers, wheels and as well as installing a very tasty WALD carbon ducktail to fit. Keep and eye on all my build thread updates More information on the Bridgestone Potenza S007A can be found here LINKS: Bridgestone Australia - www.bridgestonetyres.com.au/ Bridgestone Australia Facebook - www.facebook.com/BridgestoneAU
  13. price drops. It's all going to the dump soon! Not interested in arguing on prices.
  14. Click here for more information about Bridgestone’s current offers. *The 4th tyre free offer is valid on purchases of four Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus tyres in one transaction. ^The $100 cash back offer is valid on purchase of four Bridgestone Dueler or Alenza tyres in one transaction. #The $80 cash back offer is valid on purchase of four Supercat passenger or LVR tyres in one transaction. All offers valid between 26/12/2018 and 31/01/2019 and is redeemable in store. Offer excludes wholesale purchases and all other tyres manufactured or distributed by Bridgestone. Not available with any other offer and while stocks last. +Available on Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus tyres, only at Bridgestone stores. Full terms and conditions here. LINKS: Bridgestone Australia - www.bridgestonetyres.com.au/ Bridgestone Australia Facebook - www.facebook.com/BridgestoneAU
  15. Yes bit disappointing but going in a different direction with the car, and yes it was close to $10k once all the fabrication was done so someone is getting a bargain.
  16. Oh no, what happened Dean. This kit is brand new. Was it even 6 months ago when you got it. Bargain price as well. You are effectively getting the turbo for free.
  17. For sale a bolt on Fabtech EFR 7670 kit to suit EVO 5-9. - Hypertune/Fabtech exhaust manifold, ceramic coated - EFR 7670 IWG, exhaust housing ceramic coated - 3.5” SS dump/front pipe, titanium heat wrapped with V band - lower IC piping - Speedflow oil and water lines - Custom lower radiator hose - Turbosmart WGA and BOV - EFR turbo speed sensor this is a complete Fabtech kit that has done dyno and 50km so it is as new, it made 360kw at 26psi $6500 https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipMWcjUxhnrWpdI3hCilHaGZtTzdBhirQsumG0qE
  18. Hot Import Nights is an Automotive Lifestyle festival which centres on cars, but incorporates much more. The 21year old show originating in the USA had a great second running in Sydney with a bigger venue and more sights and sounds packed in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHXw01q2cPY&feature=youtu.be Visit Bendix @: https://www.facebook.com/bendixworkshop/ https://www.youtube.com/user/BendixTV https://www.instagram.com/bendix_workshop/
  19. The car has only been driven a dozen times or less in the last 5 years so it got harder and harder to justify keeping it. And now with a baby in the family Its finally time to move my other baby on. 137,500 kms $19,999 Details in the carsales link https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Mitsubishi-Lancer-2001/SSE-AD-5836768/
  20. Hot Import Nights is an Automotive Lifestyle festival which centres on cars, but incorporates much more. The 21year old show originating in the USA had a great second running in Sydney with a bigger venue and more sights and sounds packed in. It was good to hear Michael Munar; founder of Hot Import Nights reflect on how the car culture is evolving and we are starting to see greater diversity in builds & also higher quality. This year, along with the cars, we saw Miss HIN ‘18 being crowned, street dance battles, a 3 on 3 basketball competition, RC drift cars, sneaker meet and import models; what better place to go and find the cars of Bendix for December. 1. Jimmy’s 2005 BMW E46 M3 - VPOOR This newly wrapped E46 in Avery Dennison dark gloss grey has a nice and aggressive look thanks to plenty of custom body work & inspiration borrowed from the two limited production E46s – the GTR & the Coupe Sport Leichtbau (CSL). The customised OEM front bar has been finished off with a Status Gruppe front lip & customised lower lip. Running back from the quad xenon headlights you’ll find an OEM GTR styled bonnet with dry carbon vents added by Top Stage, which sits above the GTR style front guards and canards from Aero Image Garage. Down the side you’ll find AGT Styling carbon side skirt extensions which run into a GTR Style rear bar sitting on top of an AeroPerformance diffuser, and topped off with a CSL ducktail bootlid & custom roof wing. The car sits on 18” Volk TE37s wrapped in Nitto NT01 Tyres with Bilstein PSS10 coilovers & Turner MotorSport adjustable camber tops & rear arms. Brakes have also been upgraded with a Big Brake Kit – 6 piston 380mm in the front and 4 piston 345mm in the rear to help Jimmy with a bit more stopping power during track activity. The subframe has been reinforced, TMS Swaybars, a Function Autowerks boot brace & Mason Engineering strut brace have also been added to stiffen up the car. A little bit of weight reduction has also taken place with a CSL carbon fibre intake, SuperSprint catless race exhaust with lightweight race muffler & CCC Motorsport Lightweight flywheel & clutch. The interior is also pretty lush with Macht Shnell billet floor mounted Recaro Sportster CS seats retrimmed in Imola red Nappa leather to match the interior styling, an Alcantara flat base steering wheel, Awron vent gauge, & RTD V4 centre locking shifter. This is all finished off with a half cage & fire extinguisher to make it a track-spec luxury machine. 2. Michael’s 1999 Nissan Silvia S15 - 15MAK One of the cleanest S15s in the country, there has been countless hours poured into Michael’s 15MAK. The car has been widebodied with a mix of Garage Mak pieces with front & rear fenders, front bumper, front splitter, side skirts & canards. This is all set off in Ferrari Rosso Corsa paint; the same shade that you’ll find the F40 in. At the rear, you’ll find an Origin 3D GT Carbon wing sitting above a JSAI Aero rear diffuser. The 18” AME Tracer TM-02 wheels match the canards nicely, and they’re tucked under the guards thanks to the Fortune Auto 510 Series coilovers with Swift Spring upgrades and a combination of Parts Shop Max, SPL Parts, Cusco & Nismo goodies for arms, braces & bushings. Michael has gone with 6 piston front & 4 piston rear brakes. 15MAK still runs on a SR20DET with Stock Internals & T28BB Turbo which runs through a custom 3” exhaust with Magnaflow catalytic converter & resonator, Turbosmart Blow-Off Valve, finished off with an Apexi control valve giving Michael the ability to select between loud & quiet modes. 3. Street Works Team’s 2017 Ford Mustang S550 Coupe Terry and the Street Works Team certainly draw some attention in their widebodied Ford Mustang sporting the Alpha X S550 body kit from Alpha Male Performance which adds a front spoiler with carbon fibre splitter, carbon fibre front canards, over fenders, side skirts with carbon fibre splitters, rear bumper Side Splitters with carbon fibre blades, a rear diffuser & 3 piece ducktail. Thanks to an Air Lift airbag suspension kit there is some serious tuck under the over fenders with a set of RSV Forged 3 piece wheels with 24k Dubai gold on the dish wrapped in Nitto tyres. 4. James’ 1983 Toyota Celica 9LIVES Perhaps this Celica is a cat, or maybe because it’s gone through so many changes that James has plated it 9LIVES. One thing is certain – it does deserve a second, and maybe third look. The late 70s/early 80s charm of the body has been retained with little modification. The majority of the suspension mods have been taken care of by Techno Toy Tuning from the U.S.A. with coilovers, control arms, knuckles, tie rods and roll centre adjusters, combined with Whiteline sway bars. The real work has taken place under the hood as James has managed to squeeze a 2JZ-GE JZA80 Supra motor in there along with triple Weber 45 DCOE Carburetors on a custom intake manifold with 1 ¾” side blast pipes, and a Fenix S13 radiator. The running gear on this Celica Supra is also an impressive feat with a V160 GETRAG gearbox, a Munro Racing 6 puck clutch and Toyota Racing Development 1.5 way LSD. 5. Erin & Adam’s Nissan S14 Silvia – These guys were in good company, having only finished the car the night before Hot Import Nights, and starting to tune it on the drive over. The car looks immaculate in the Nissan Pearl White paint with an Origin Labo Stylish kit, 30mm JSAI widebody front guards in BN Style and 50mm BN Sports widebody rear guards. Inside there is a Work 6 point roll cage, Recaro seats all around with SR3s in the front and custom trimmed in the rear, and a Nardi steering wheel. The real magic happens under the bonnet with an SR20DET running HKS 264 cams, Tomei cam gears, valve springs & head gasket , and ARP headstuds. The GT2871 Turbo is by Garrett, and everything is managed with a Link ECU. A custom stainless 3 ½” exhaust brings the noise. Under the car you’ll find a GKTech solid subframe which holds an RB25 gearbox, Ogura twin plate clutch & KAAZ 2 way LSD. HSD provide the coilovers and get the car sitting nicely on the Work VSXX Wheel. 6. Oz Mover’s 2016 Daihatsu Copen Sedan – LBGTK Kei-cars are almost exclusively sold in Japan. The translation is literally “light automobile” and are the Japanese legal category for the smallest and most limited power, highway-legal motor vehicles. It’s not often that you’ll see one of these driving the streets. Even more rare is to see one decked out like this; the first of its kind in Australia. It has been fitted with a Liberty Walk Daihatsu Copen GT-K kit which transforms the car to look like a widebodied Nissan GTR, complete with GT Wing and quad tip mufflers. The Work Meister CR01 3 piece rims complete the look, matching very nicely with the decals. 7. Steven’s BMW E36 Convertible Steven’s E36 has been kitted out with a Pandem Rocket Bunny Aero kit, painted in BMW Daytona Violet, and dropped to the ground with AIRBFT struts in an Airlift management system. The 18” BBS RS 16” to 18” Triple Step Slant wheels complete the look. Steven gives us a little insight into the origin story for this build: “The E36 has always been a favourite shape of the older BMWs and the convertible; you can say it’s a midlife crisis. The plan was to restore it to its prime until a lady hit me at a round-about. I brought it to Auto Elements for an inspection and said why don’t we go wild! Hot Import Nights was coming up, they hooked me up with Ronnie from Carbon Plus and now I own a Pandem E36 in one my favourite colours in the world.” ==== The interior is soon to be redone, with M3 seats and a few other touches. An engine swap is also planned in the future as well. Visit Bendix @: https://www.facebook.com/bendixworkshop/ https://www.youtube.com/user/BendixTV https://www.instagram.com/bendix_workshop/
  21. Bridgestone

    Mighty Car Mods

    If you followed the build of our Mighty Car Mods "240Z" you would have seen that we bought a classic 1975 Nissan/Datsun S30 240Z Fairlady off the internet. Then we flew over to Japan to service it, throw it on a race track and then and imported it back to Australia. Due to Australia’s import laws relating to asbestos, we couldn’t easily keep the original 2 litre engine so with the help of some mates we installed a turbocharged RB26 engine from a Nissan Skyline GT-R, and replaced pretty much every piece of drivetrain, suspension and braking componentry to ensure the vintage machine could handle having more than three times its original power. Our final power figures came out at around 330kw at the wheels in a car that weights around 1100 kilos. To put this into perspective, the power to weight ratio is similar to that of a Bugatti Veyron. A large part of this upgrading process was replacing the Japanese tyres with modern high-performance Bridgestone Potenza RE003 rubber. Although the bias ply tyres which came on the S30 looked to have decent road-legal tread depth, the age of it made it necessary to install some new rubber. We also got a good look at just how far tyre technology has come in the last 45 years when we discovered the Zed’s original spare wheel in the boot, which was still wrapped in the original Bridgestone Super Speed-5 bias-ply tyre! The Super Speed-5 is the same model of tyre which was fitted to the highly desirable Z432 high-performance variant of the S30 Fairlady when it was launched at the 1969 Tokyo Motor Show, and is a thoroughly out-dated piece of equipment today thanks to evolutions in tyre construction that make tyres safer and able to handle higher power and speeds. While the first commercially successful pneumatic tyre appeared in 1888, and the first pneumatic car tyre was released in 1895, the largest leap in tyre technology happened in 1946 with the development of a new type of tyre construction, called the radial-ply. Traditionally car tyres had been made using bias-ply (or cross-ply) construction, which offered smooth ride but wore out faster and were more prone to sudden, catastrophic blow-out failures. The key difference between how a radial or cross-ply tyre is made comes from how the piles of cord in the tyre’s carcass are arranged. The cords give the tyre carcass form, and radial tyres run their cord at 90-degrees to the direction of travel to provide lower rolling resistance, improving fuel efficiency. Radial tyres also feature woven steel belts as part of the carcass, to help strengthen the whole tyre. While the radial tyre was quickly picked up in Europe, the UK and Asia by the 1950s, American automobile manufacturers resisted until public pressure peaked in 1968 to switch over to the safer, better-performing radial tyres. Bridgestone had launched its first radial tyre, the RD10, in 1967, although many Japanese cars still featured cross-ply tyres if they were being sold into the American market. This is why it is highly likely the Super Speed 5 tyre found on the MCM 240Z’s spare wheel is the original item. While it may be tempting to fit a vintage tyre for 'period correctness' the reality is the rubber will have dried out and be unsafe to use at speed, risking a blow-out occurring. After all the hard work we put into our classic Fairlady, we’re definitely not going to risk destroying it for the sake of one old tyre! The RE003s have worked brilliantly on the road and on the track with so many of our cars, and with the power available from the RB26, we might need some wider ones soon! Marty & Moog LINKS: Bridgestone Australia - www.bridgestonetyres.com.au/ Bridgestone Australia Facebook - www.facebook.com/BridgestoneAU
  22. Bendix would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are humbled with the responses to our tech and Cars of Bendix program, and would like to thank everyone for making 2018 such a great success. We look forward to sharing more brake information, car culture and great offers in 2019. Our Forum Admins will be on holiday leave from Saturday 22nd December 2018, and will be back in the office on Monday 7th January 2019. Also, our CRM team at Ballarat will be away from Monday 24th December 2018 and will be back on the 2nd January 2019. If you have an urgent inquiry during the holiday period please call the Bendix Brake Advice Centre on 1800 819 666 or contact us directly using the contact form here: http://www.bendix.com.au/content/contact-bendix For updates and news visit our Facebook page To learn more about the Bendix Brakes range of products visit: www.bendix.com.au
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