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  2. This month we ventured over to South Australia to find some Cars of Bendix at the Adelaide Auto Expo. This show encompasses all walks of automotive life from customs, muscle, imports and race cars, basically there is something to look at no matter what your taste. So lets get into the action and check out Novembers Cars of Bendix! Mark Boxer Starting life as a garden variety Ford ute, Mark or Boxer as he’s known has transformed this 1997 XH Falcon ute into a fire-breathing drag car. Featuring a full drag car rear end, trans-braked Turbo 400 and a 1000rwkW capable Atomic Barra engine with a rather large turbo hanging off the side. Having just been completed, the car has done some shakedown runs on the dyno and made promising power with just over 800rwhp only running 25psi boost at 6000rpm. Mark says the car has been in the build for a while, but he’s very happy to have it completed and even more so to have it featured in the current issue of Street Machine magazine. His current plan is to sell the car as a brand-new build as he's already working on another project, yet says that he hopes someone who will use it regularly buys it and runs some fast times. Robert and Amanda Robert first bought his Evo from a past customer who owned the car, it had previously won the best Japanese car at an Extreme Auto Expo event and when the car came up for sale he just had to have it! The car came with a 2.3ltr stroker kit and a bigger turbo for maximum power. Thanks to Mike Dale the engine was rebuilt and tuned for 354kw at the wheels on 22psi running E85. The team at Salisbury Exhaust hooked him up with cooler pipes and a custom exhaust. All that was left to do was change the colour of the car to Rakio in house at Spikes Auto, switch to a set of XO Luxury Cario wheels with a carbon finish and have a big stereo installed by the team over at ACDC. Amanda’s car was bought almost as you see it today with a full custom interior and crazy stereo system. The interior did need some work however and a few bits and pieces needed to be resprayed and touched up. The car then went into the workshop where it had the holes welded up on the Evo 9 boot, then the clear coat was fixed and resprayed on the Evo 9 carbon wing blade. The car then went into the paint shop where it was sprayed in a colour-shift paint appropriately named Tsunami. Finally the wheels were refreshed and painted in a black colour to finish the car off. Frank - Fast Furious If you’re a fan of the Fast & Furious series you will be no stranger to this car, Frank’s 1970 Dodge Charger. Originally found in a shed after sitting for 10 years the opportunity arose for Frank to purchase this beauty. While the plan originally was to turn it into a burnout car, after getting it back from the paint shop, he couldn’t bring himself to wreck such a well-presented car. It’s fitted with a 440 big block bored out to a 498ci and runs a forged crank, H-beam rods and Callies forged pistons. On top of the engine sits a pair of Edlebrock RPM heads fitted that are pumped full of boost supplied by a BDS 8/71 blower and fed by twin 950cfm carbs to ensure that there is no shortage of fuel supply. Creating a movie-car tribute was not originally on the table, but one thing let to another and with help from his brother, Frank’s Charger is a great tribute to Toretto’s Dad’s car from the original movie. He even displayed it wheels up at the show! Rick Hot rod Ricks’ hot rod is a great example of building something right. Originally purchasing it as a rolling shell from Canberra 15-years ago with a 351 twin ram tunnel, he later changed it to a blown 351 Clevo. After 2 years of regulatory discussions, it's now a fully street legal South Australian based American Hot Rod. With its 12” wide Mickey Thompson rear tyres, 5” American Racing rims on the front and a 3000-stall convertor making this one very cool hot rod. Rick takes pride in having his car driven and not hidden. He’s driven in 42-degree heat and done numerous trips to interstate events. The car has also won many trophies at events held in VIC and it’s not only a car that Rick enjoys driving, but something his family love and take pride in. With its custom interior, flame paint job and big blower, it’s defiantly a car you want to keep an eye out for on the street and at future events. Adam RX7 Boasting a 13B rotary engine and upgraded turbo, Adam’s Mazda is one of a kind stance weapon. Famous for their curvy body line and pop up heads, the FD RX-7 is the pinnacle of the Japanese 90’s era of imports. With the car sitting static, it had to have been one of the lowest cars at the Extreme Auto Expo. Underneath a freshly polished set of Work Meisters tuck right up under the guards. With only a few things left to do on the car, Adam can’t wait to get out and enjoy his rotary-powered Batmobile. Jarrett Porsche Jarrett’s 911s Targa is one of a kind. Whilst keeping the main German styling of the car, Jarrett has also put his personal flavor into the mix, as well as creating something that suits him own personal tastes. The car was not gathered but rather hunted. Jarrett was on the lookout for the perfect car when the opportunity arose to purchase this 1975 Porsche 911s Targa which he was told had “Gearbox problems”. After many hours on Google and some trial and error, a little access hatch was removed which gave assess to the trans tunnel and he discovered a pile of dust and debris. The remains of a coupler joint bushing which cost him a grand total of $25 to replace. After this, the months following saw a full restoration of the car, in which time he added his own flavour to the 911. Jarrett says he’s put about 800 hours of hard work into getting the car to where it is today in its immaculate condition. R33 John John was born with drag racing in his blood and what started out as a streetcar quickly became a fully upgraded drag car. Starting out with the usual modifications, an aftermarket exhaust, Apexi FC, pod filters and larger intercooler saw it make a 227rwkw. John says the was fun for a little while, but his thirst for beating V8s down the quarter mile was strong so he decided it was time for some serious power gains. The car under went more bolt-on upgrades, receiving a pair of HKS 2540’s were installed, 680cc injectors, bosh fuel pump, cam gears, Cusco exhaust catch can and Nismo upgrades, this made for a car that ran 11.8 down the quarter-mile with 338rwkw. Eventually, the engine decided enough was enough and at that point John was all in. An OS 3-litre short block engine package fitted with a brand new N1 head and even bigger HKS turbos. ON it’s first outing the car put down a 10.7. Everyone was impressed yet knew that it was capable of going faster and John dropped the clutch to launch off the line harder. Unfortunately he snapped both rear axles and that was the end of the outing. A few more axles and gearboxes later John ran a 9.66 at 148.85mph. Relieved he didn’t break anything, he attempted a few more runs and found that the car was capable of doing good consistent 9.6-second runs. These days the car not only still makes trips to the drag strip, but he often takes it to The Bend Motorsport Park to do some fairly entertaining but fast laps! Daniel’s Torana Daniels baby blue Torana is an absolute weapon and boasts a very tough sounding 650hp V8 engine. Having been in his position since the ’90s as a bare shell, he built it slowly over a number of years fitting the build in with his busy lifestyle. It was all long night, hard work and cash. The custom paint job was done by the team at Muscle Cars in Salisbury SA and it really sets the car parent from every other Torana. The 400ci V8 is fitted with alloy heads, a twin throttle body EFI setup and is run by an Autronic SMC ECU. Did we mention is also has a cheeky direct port nitrous system? Whilst being fitted out with as many modifications as he could, he also adamantly wanted to make sure that the car was going to be street-legal, so after a vigorous engineering process and a mandatory roadworthy inspection, it’s engineered and 100% street legal. For more information visit: To find your nearest Bendix stockiest, click HERE For the latest Bendix news and updates, visit our Facebook page
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  4. Looking for more stopping Power from your 4WD? Bendix has created the Ultimate 4WD Upgrade Kit to decrease stopping distances for your ute. More information available here: https://www.bendix.com.au/product-range/Ultimate-4WD-Brake-Upgrade-Kit
  5. MZ531356EX or MZ531357EX - I have lost the left rear mud flap. I do a lot of dirt road driving so only need one MZ531357EX but happy to buy both back mud flaps.
  6. After consigning his long serving Mustang to the scrap heap at Gold Coast, Chaz Mostert was keen to bounce back at Sandown 500. With the back-up chassis pressed into action, the Supercheap Auto Racing Team took the chance to pay tribute to racing legend Allan Moffat by unveiling a retro inspired Supercar livery for Sandown 500. With his son James Moffat co-driving with Mostert for the second year at Tickford Racing, he thought the tribute was great. “The nod to dad is pretty cool,” said James, adding that hopefully it’ll bring good luck and a podium finish as well. While the Mustang showed pace in the first practice, the top five fastest laps were all set by the Holden Commodores and Nissan Altimas. Just 1/10th of a second separated the Supercheap Auto Mustang from Fabian’s Shell Racing one by the end of the practice session, placing 7th with a laptime of 1:08.3724. On Friday’s practice, Mostert began to warm up to Sandown’s layout, finishing fourth fastest with a 1:08:0537, just slightly off eventual Supercar 2019 season winner Scott McLaughlin. The Commodores kept their pace, taking the top two fastest practice laptimes. With James Moffat on board for Practice 3, the Mustang was only able to improve slightly to a 1:08:0480, but other teams broke into the 1:07s, pushing the pair down to 8th place. It seems that the Mustang’s current setup could only do 1:08s consistently, as Chaz couldn’t finish better than 1:07.9530 on his last practice lap. With the Top 10 shootout format changed to an all-out qualifying race, there was less pressure, but Mostert still couldn’t find the pace to match McLaughlin’s blistering time of 1:07.7736 on the track. McLaughlin locked in the top spot as the rain made the track truly damp and slippery for others. Mostert eventually ended up sixth, sandwiched between the Penrite Racing Commodores of Anton de Pasquale and David Reynolds, respectively. Mostert tried to hold his own, but the Holdens seemed to hold an advantage at Sandown, with three finishing ahead of him. This left Mostert in 9th place, taking 28 points for the Pirtek Enduro Cup. Based on the standing, Moffat and Mostert will be starting Sunday’s race 9th on the grid. With the championship already decided, it was up to Mostert and Moffat to at least grind out a podium for the team. A stroke of luck went their way, when Shane van Gisbergen and Garth Tander’s Commodore suffered a suspension failure just 12 laps away from completing a 1-2 with Jamie Whincup/Craig Lowdnes. Thanks to van Gisbergen needing to pit to fix the issue, Mostert and Lee Holdsworth stood on the podium instead, finishing second and third respectively. Mostert was absolutely relieved and pleased that he’s back to podium finishes, commenting “It’s been an absolute nightmare of an Enduro campaign for us, Bathurst and then Gold Coast, not even being able to race there. For me, the best part about today and getting a trophy right at the end here is more for Moff (James Moffat). He’s kind of been on the wrong end of the stick because of the accidents throughout the Enduro campaign with myself and teammates and qualifying laps, so today was awesome to be able to get a trophy for Moffat and thank him for the year.” Mostert now has 2705 points, and is in 5th position going into the Coates Hire Newcastle 500, which will be the final race for 2019. For more information visit https://www.bendix.com.au/ Join us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bendixworkshop
  7. Chasing 1 of the Carbon Plates only... to suit ATS/Carbonetics Twin-plate clutch.
  8. Hi Guys If anyone is interested in moving on from their 8MR let me know? Must be low km and grey Cheers Steve
  9. After a difficult and somewhat controversial Bathurst 1000 Chaz Mostert was keen to make amends in the No.55 Mustang at the Gold Coast 600. It was the second endurance round and Chaz was sharing the duties again with co-driver James Moffat around the tight 9 corner Surface Paradise Street Circuit. With concrete walls surrounding what are normally pubic roads there is very little room for error when driving flat out in Supercar. Chaz and James posted the second quickest laps of the first two sessions of Friday, and finished Practice 3 sixth overall posting a time of 1m10.29s. Chaz reported “It was a pretty good day for us, good to be in the top two in the first two sessions, and I didn’t quite get the lap together in Practice 3, but it is what it is. We didn’t do too much to the car today and the car had pace, so we’ll see what else we can pull from the Supercheap Auto wagon tonight and go again tomorrow.” Come Saturday Chaz snatched provisional ARMOR ALL Pole Position for the Gold Coast 600 qualifying session jumping to the top on his last run with a 1:10.4279s. “It was a tough session, so tight out there, I was really happy to get that last lap in,” Chaz said. “I left nothing on the table, probably millimetres away from triggering kerb hop sensors, but that’s what it takes around here” The last man out in the Shootout after topping regular qualifying, Mostert tagged the inside wall at Turn 11, firing him hard into the outside concrete with disastrous consequences. After an assessment in the team garage, Tickford Racing CEO Tim Edwards confirmed the car will not only miss the remainder of the weekend, but not race again. “The chassis is a write-off,” said Edwards. "It's punched the chassis rail back through the firewall. “The engine is not even connected to the car anymore, it’s sheared the engine off and shoved it backwards through the car. “The chassis is a complete write-off, as is most of the stuff that’s bolted to it.” Speaking after being cleared from the trackside medical centre, Mostert described himself “super gutted” about the accident. “I just made the smallest mistake and it bites you,” said Mostert, who had won the Saturday race on the Gold Coast in each of the last two years. “There’s no excuse. We were nowhere in the middle sector, I shouldn’t have really made that mistake, but I just really struggled with the feel of the car under me to start with.” Moving down to 6th position on 2447 points in the championship, Mostert will now have to back himself after two very difficult rounds and focus on the next endurance race at the Sandown 500 on the 8th - 10th of November. For more news check out https://www.bendix.com.au/bendix-news
  10. Behind every Bendix Ultimate Disc Brake Rotor is a company with vast experience as an original equipment manufacturer with leading edge technology, precision engineering and unsurpassed quality standards. From this environment has evolved the Bendix Ultimate Sports and Performance Disc Rotors with improved heat dissipation, noise dampening characteristics, higher thermal conductivity to remove heat and reduce fade which all provides stronger smoother safer braking. The new Bendix rotors perfectly complement the existing Bendix range and incorporate innovative technologies such as High Carbon Metallurgy for increased braking performance and stopping power; Diamond Tip Slots and V-Shaped Dimples, each designed specifically to expel gasses, dirt and water and then there is SwiftFit Coating, a protective zinc coating which allows for faster and easier installation, unlimited shelf life, the elimination of corrosion and thus long term good looks. Bendix Ultimate Sports and Performance Disc Rotors have the highest level of precision engineering based on OEM specifications for size, diameter and hole spacing for the perfect fit. Diamond Tip Slots are specifically designed to be bi-directional to achieve efficiency in expelling water, grit and water quickly. This precision balanced pattern of the new Ultimate Rotors has evolved from racing experience allowing the driver to feel absolute control in hard braking with even friction and instant response. Proven High Carbon Metallurgy in the Ultimate Discs provides improved thermal stability and conductivity reducing the chance of warping under extreme heat conditions. The higher carbon formulation increases the rotor strength at elevated temperatures while the high wear resistance from this increased strength increases its durability whilst also providing improved noise suppression. SwiftFit coating, with its corrosion inhibitors not only make pre-cleaning unnecessary but also provides a great look that will not degrade over time. There is no longer a requirement to clean anti-rust oil or coating from the surface where uncoated rotors can succumb to corrosion that can result in vibration over time. The Bendix ventilation system is engineered to evenly channel cool air into the rotor, expelling hot air faster thus increasing resistance to thermal cracks and minimising distortion. Vehicle applications for the new Bendix Ultimate Disc Brake Rotors are extensive and the full catalogue listing can be downloaded from the Bendix Website Form more information visit https://bendix.com.au/ultimatedisc
  11. Introducing the Bendix Ultimate Disc Rotor which are available for popular Performance, Passenger and 4WD vehicles. These can be purchased now through all good stockists! https://bendix.com.au/ultimatedisc
  12. This is the correction factor applied. For example if the number is "2.74" it means a correction of +2.74% has been added to the raw measured power.
  13. Conquering the Mountain is a feat coveted by many Supercar drivers. While there were mixed results at Pukehohe Park, Mostert is gunning for a win at 2019 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000, as his handling of the No.55 Mustang grows in confidence. With a 3rd place finish from the last race, Mostert is closing down on 2nd place Shane Van Gisbergen in the 2019 Virgin Australia Supercars Championship. Friday’s atmosphere was set alive during the practice rounds, with Mostert setting a lightning quick 2:03.5089, right after the championship leader Scott McLaughlin’s 2:03.6965. He became the sixth driver to ever set a 2:03s lap at Bathurst, joining Andre Heimgartner, Will Davison, Cameron Waters, McLaughlin and Jamie Whincup. “For me the car kept getting better. I think just learning how to drive it and get the most out of it is the biggest thing,” Mostert commented, adding that the car’s settings would be more beneficial during the race. “We’ve been working hard on the car in practice, it feels a bit better on full tanks than light tanks, so I’m hoping we got a better race car than qualifying car.” Mostert also attributed the 2:03 lap to his experience in driving the BMW GT3 at the Bathurst 12hr endurance race. “I’m very lucky I get to do some BMW laps in the GT3 across here, I think that’s helped a lot with the Supercars getting faster and faster over the year.” While the blistering practice laps helped, the wet conditions of the Amour All Qualifying Race 25 made the Mountain unpredictable, with many Supercars sliding across the grass at the Chase. Mostert traded pole position with McLaughlin several times, dipping into the 2:30s, before McLaughlin sealed it with a 2:27.647s. Qualifying for the shootout in 2nd place, Mostert stands a chance to grab pole position on Saturday. “The second set of tyres we put on didn’t come in until very very late. It is what it is. At least we are in the top 10,” said Mostert. “Everyone in the pitlane can give themselves a pat on the back. I had about 10 or a dozen moments out there where I thought ‘that was close,’ no doubt everyone was feeling that,” he added. Saturday’s Armour All Top Ten Shootout had the same tense atmosphere as Friday, as Mostert limbers up to do battle with McLaughlin again. With only one lap to determine pole position, Mostert did his best to replicate his incredible practice laptime. While still nabbing a very decent 2:03.7897, it was 0.4s off McLaughlin’s insane 2:03.3783, which is now the fastest Supercar lap ever set at Bathurst. Tickford Racing’s stable mate Cameron Waters in the No.6 Monster Energy Racing Ford Mustang also dipped into the 2:03s, clinching the 3rd position on Sunday’s starting grid. The 2nd and 3rd positions of the Tickford Racing Mustangs would prove fateful on Sunday. After a strong start to the 1000km and the team Tickford cars in the Top 5 for most of the race, on lap 123 things went badly wrong, under fuel saving orders from Tickford, Mostert tried to go around Waters at the Chase after coming down Conrod Straight. They both collided, spinning each other off into the sand trap, stranding them and getting passed by Jamie Whincup and Scott McLaughlin. Mostert then had to return to the pits to serve a drive-through penalty for the incident, ending any hopes for a podium this year. Mostert finished eventually in 16th position, picking up 114 points, and letting Bathurst 1000 6th placed Fabian Coulthard climb above him in the Championship points. After the race, Mostert approached gutted Waters and the team to apologize before leaving the track. In later team statement, Mostert said he was ‘shattered’. “You know, it’s the biggest race of the year, the event we look forward to the most, and the race we want to win the most.” Conceding it was his fault, Mostert went on to say “I didn’t need to pass him, shouldn’t have tried, and it ruined both our races which is the worst part. I’m really sorry to Cam and the whole team, we should be celebrating a podium or two right now, but we are empty handed.” Now in 4th position on 2441 points, Mostert will be focusing on the 2019 VodaFone Gold Coast 600 on the 26th-27th October to make amends for this year’s disappointing Bathurst results. For more news check out https://www.bendix.com.au/bendix-news
  14. Hay guys long time member here. Sadly it’s time for me to let the beast go! Link to Carsales here https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2004-Mitsubishi-Lancer-Evolution-VIII-MR-CT-Manual-4WD/SSE-AD-6338158 Cheers scott 0412968822
  15. For Sale 2012 MY13 EVO X MR. I've loved it a lot and it was my daily driver. Its been with me since new. Got it in December 2012. I need to sell it as I'm falling short for a deposit for my 1st home in Australia. It's a regretful sale but must go. I've regularly serviced it at Mitsi/Myself(Engine Oil every 5K, Pads/Rotors/Suspension only)/Boostin Juice(TCSST Service and lately my go-to guys). Have changed transmission oil and filter 3 times to date. It doesn't miss a beat. Let me get straight to point. Mileage: 106XXX Kms Choice of Mods: Invidia Q300 Turbo Back Exhaust, Boost Control Solenoid, K&N Drop-in filter and a Turbo Smart BOV. (Remember its a daily). Tune: Thanks to Adam. Probably would need to be re-checked as I've added over 60K Kms since. Suspension: Stock Bone Original Shocks and Springs. (Only 20K Kms on them). ( I had another set with Eibach springs which I disposed of.) Added a rear sway bar and end links recently. around 5K km on them. Wheels: Rota Grid Rs 18x10; Tyre Tread around 60% (Got them Second hand so they have some scars.) (But then I realised I needed specs) Rego: 02/12/2019 Keys: Only 1. Lost the other key as Malaysian airlines lost my luggage. Took the logbook, keys and some memorabilia to show dad his favourite Car. These cars were crazy expensive in India. So we could never afford it. Condition: Clean but being a daily and 7 odd years old has its fair share of stone chips and wear and tear. Certainly not a new car but not trash. The rear wing has a paint fade. Everything else looks good. And something a good buffing won't fix. Actually got a plan to buff it next long weekend. Accidents: The car was rear-ended in Liverpool when I was stopped at a red light. The guy was stopped but suddenly hit the accelerator., yeah what can I say a P plater driving a Toyota. But nothing major, got it fixed at seven hills Smashcare last October. Only Superficial damage to the bumper, number plate lights. All fixed now like new. Next Service Planned: At boosting Juice Early October. May need to put in new pads. Sale Price: $32K ONO. Contact: Please feel free to Text me on 0425797681. Location: Sydney I have not put it on Carsales yet but would put it out early next month.
  16. For sale, EVO 9 GSR Enkei factory wheels, $1700 Size: 17x8 - 5x114.3 - 67mm centre bore, 35mm offset. Condition: Brand new, removed from 05 model evo 9 then stored and never used. Tyres: Factory Yokohama Advan A046, 235/45/17, delivery km's only. Tyres are stamped 05 with a few hairline cracks on the contact patch but no cracks on the sidewalls. https://photos.app.goo.gl/8vSVXJmdRwDvfJoB8 Prefer pick up or can deliver to Melbourne buyers. Will post out to interstate buyers at your expense. Contact details, Email: kardas.costa@gmail.com M: 0408 582 190
  17. if you cant find one, im sure import monster would have one or could get one
  18. As per title, EOI, I have 65 TME black and white number plate, I recently sold my evo and it's surplus to my need QLD state only This plate will compliment tommi makinen owners. Cheers
  19. who would have thought , after months of looking found one today on Fleabay just now and bought it mods - please delete
  20. anyone got one around or has a suggestion as to finding one ? cheers , Rob
  21. Opened in 1963, Pukekohe Park Raceway is roughly 40 kilometres south is the NZ capital, Auckland and over the years has seen a massive amount of motorsport royalty laps the 2.91km 11-corner circuit. Having had its final Grand Prix race in 2000, the Supercars Championship raced here until 2008, then following a 5-year break, headed back to the iconic track after a $6.6M upgrade. Coming away from the previous round at The Bend Motorsport Park with two podiums and a pole, Chaz Mostert in the No. 55 Supercheap Auto Ford Mustang was heading to NZ holding second place in the championship. Having stepped on the podium in NZ last year, Chaz was confident that the current progress and success could be repeated. “It’s always good to head across the ditch, they always have a huge crowd out at Pukekohe and the Kiwi fans are great to race in front of. We’ve made some good progress lately in the Supercheap Auto camp, we’ve got our Mustang running well and we’re closing in on the car up front. Last year we were able to grab a podium here, so we’ll aim to roll off strong again and have a red hot crack at the top spot.” Team Principal Tim Edwards was also confident that Chaz and the team were in a good position and with previous success in NZ, the chase for the top step on the podium was definitely possible. “We’re looking forward to the weekend and a chance to keep improving as a team. We’ve been edging closer to the front and very well could have had a win or two in Tailem Bend, so we’re really chomping at the bit to finally get back to the top step. Pukekohe has been pretty nice to us the last few years, so if we can roll off well we should be in the hunt again for a really positive weekend.” Friday’s practice sessions weren’t ideal for Chaz and the team, coming away with no posted flying laps in P1, he came back in P2 and was able to but although being a little off the pace, he was still able to post a time of 1.02:18 and 12th fastest. “Obviously the team cars are pretty quick, and the car felt pretty good for me, but just a little bit down the order today. I don’t want to be too alarmed, we’ll come back tomorrow, we’ve got another practice, and we’ll get into the day, so fingers crossed we’ll turn it around.” Tim Edwards was also quietly confident that Chaz would bounce back for Saturday’s action. “You can’t be upset leading both practice sessions, but it’s just that, practice. We’re pretty confident in our cars and Cam and Chaz will be quicker tomorrow, we’re not concerned about that. The field was really close today and with the potential for rain tomorrow, it could be a pretty exciting day. But for now, we’ll do our homework, see what more we can get out of the cars, and go again tomorrow.” Saturday got off to a great start for Chaz who bettered his Friday practice time in P3 with a time of 1.01:90 making him outright fastest in the session. With his confidence on a high, he then backed up his performance in the hotly contested qualifying session with an even faster 1.01:78 which put him 4th on the grid. Unfortunately his luck for the day ended there as he and his team-mate Cam Waters had a racing incident during a battle into turn 5 and Chaz’s car came off second best. Chaz managed to limp the car back to the pits so that the team could get it back on the track. The damage was bad enough that he sat out for 14-laps of the race, but was still able to cross the finish line to finish in 24th place. “What do you say, I guess this place just hates me some days. We made the car a fair bit better today, car had good pace, and obviously we were on for a podium if it all came together, then unfortunately Cam and I got together there in Turn 5. We were racing hard, I had warmer tyres so I thought I’d be able to get around the outside, but he went just as deep as me and locked up, and that was that. Broke some bits on the front corner and we had to scramble just to get points. Tough day, we’ll try to make it a better one tomorrow.” Although being disappointed for the team and Chaz about the incident which lost the Supercheap Racing Mustang a podium position, Tim Edwards was positive and already looking forward to Sunday. “Its great to have Cam back on the podium and Lee in the top five, but obviously really disappointing for Chaz and Will. The positive is we had four really fast cars, two ended up in the top five and the other two were in the running for the podium. As for Chaz and Cam getting together, they shouldn’t have, they were both on the limit like they usually are, and they crossed that line. You hate to have it happen, we really should have had at least two cars on the podium, so it’s a tough pill to swallow, but tomorrow’s another day. If we can bring today’s pace back tomorrow we’re every chance to have another strong result.” Sunday was a great comeback for the No. 55 Supercheap Auto Ford Mustang with Chaz making his way back onto the podium for the 12th time this season. Having finished 3rd in Qualifying with a time of 1m01.63s, then 7th in the Top Ten Shootout slightly slower with 1m02.02s, Chaz managed to miss out on the Safety Car dramas which affected the overall positions of his team-mates and bought the Mustang home in 3rd position, but was clearly disappointed for the other Tickford drivers. “I had a lot of pressure from Nick (Percat) there at the end, but yeah, what a crazy day. Really should have been probably racing for probably seventh or something like that, but yeah, just ended up with a trophy, don’t really understand how. Everyone’s obviously pretty disappointed, as you would be, you know you’ve had a guy like Lee Holdsworth start on the front row today, Waters started up there too, and yeah unfortunately they’re probably the guys who deserved to sit up here today.” Team Principal Tim Edwards against pointed out the positives of the event, but suggested that the disappointment from the Sunday race will only make the drivers more eager to do well at Bathurst. “The positives come first, we had excellent car speed all weekend, and its great to come out with a couple podiums. I think it’s safe to say we were the fastest Ford team all weekend and the fastest team outright for a majority of it, which is credit to the team. But what happened today is beyond disappointing, to have three of our cars taken out of the running by something out of our control is incredibly frustrating. It shouldn’t have happened and our drivers, engineers, and crew don’t deserve to be done like that. There’s a fire under all four camps after that, and we’ll be ready to give it our all at Bathurst next month.” With the unfortunate result on Saturday, but great comeback on Sunday, Chaz managed to retain his 3rd outright position in the 2019 Virgin Australia Supercars Championship behind SVG. The championship continues from October 10th for the iconic Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000. For more information on Bendix visit; ✓ https://www.bendix.com.au/bendix-news ✓ https://www.facebook.com/bendixworkshop/ ✓ https://www.instagram.com/bendix_workshop/ ✓ https://www.youtube.com/user/BendixTV
  22. Hi All, Long time between posts, infact I'm doing this one from a smart phone. Garage clearout has yielded my old stock Evo 7 front pipe. I had an aftermarket one fitted and this was left over. Also some wheel nuts. I've put $110 on them as I'd rather they go to someone who can use them than the tip. Bit of corrosion on the wheel nuts, which can be seen. Located in Brighton, Vic and pickup only. Potentially meet in Pinewood at work also.
  23. Today Mark Boxer from HoonTV takes us through his Top 10 tips for servicing brakes. Find more brake technical content at https://www.bendix.com.au/videos
  24. Bump - Price dropped to $37.9k and added 12 months rego!
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